Wednesday, September 07, 2011

GOP Debate At Reagan Library

Just finished watching the GOP debate on MSNBC from the Reagan Library, albeit due to a late start.

I got a sense, especially following it as well on Twitter, that MSNBC "commentator" Brian Williams doesn't like Texas. Almost every question he asked had a "beat up on Rick Perry" slant to it. His questions about starving kids with bloated stomachs and disbelief at the applause when Perry knocked it out of the park on the death penalty in Texas.

One of the things about liberals that stuns me is that they are repulsed at the idea of executing a murderous criminal, but think that abortion on demand is a "choice."

So, how did it go?

I thought Rick Perry did well. He sounded hesitant on his answers in regards to glo-BULL warming. He's gotten the most attention since entering the race.

I have a hard time telling Romney or Huntsman apart sometimes, from the way they look and talk, as well as the rehearsed, slick answers. Huntsman showed his RuPaul isolationist stripes in regards to the War on Terror, and even echoed his former boss, Richard Milhous Obama, in saying nation building should begin here.

Michele Bachmann should have received more questioning, because she gave great answers. Santorum and Cain had great moments, but just won't make it out from behind.

At this point, it remains to be seen, if the field will expand or shed candidates.

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