Monday, September 05, 2011

For Second Time This Year, VP Biden Attacks Tea Party As "Barbarians At The Gate"

We go from being called "sons of bitches" by Teamsters thug Jimmy Hoffa Jr., to Vice President Bite Me calling the Tea Party and conservatives "barbarians at the gate" (Hot Air Pundit).

I recall that also Biden used this phraseology before in attacking the Tea Party in March, at the height of the union thuggery in Wisconsin.

"The only people who have the capacity -- organizational capacity and muscle -- to keep, as they say, the barbarians from the gate, is organized labor. "

The fact he used this attack line twice against the Tea Party proves Bite Me also called the Tea Party "terrorists" recently. If he's still willing to deny that, he's lying.

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Deekaman said...

Of course he's lying. But he (and all other Democrats) don't care. The end (the death of the TEA Party revolution) justifies the means.