Tuesday, September 06, 2011

FLASHBACK: Teamsters Thug Attacked Tea Party Member In Sacramento

So after the violent rhetoric from Richard Milhous Obama's friend Jimmy Hoffa Jr., Media Mutters for Democrats tried to spin Hoffa's "take these sons of bitches out" statement as meaning "voting."

Other Leftist drones, including the dumbest blogger in the blogosphere (Charles "Icarus" Johnson) parrotted and are still pushing the George Soro$ funded line like braindead zombies.

Never mind that Hoffa has not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES stood by his violent words, in which the term "war" was also used.

Well if Hoffa's comments were really about voting, can they explain past Teamsters thuggery?

Like this one, from last February in Sacramento, CA....

The thug later lied to the media about the attack.

Or how about this?

And let's not forget how Hoffa Jr. probably learned his thuggish ways at home from daddy Jimmy Hoffa, who also liked calling people S.O.B.s.

What a friend the Teamsters have with Obama. He vowed in 2008 to end oversight of the union which was intended to root out corruption.

So much for "hope and change."

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