Sunday, September 18, 2011

ESPN Won't Allow Obama's Golf To Be Mocked, But Fine With Mike Tyson's Vile Anti-Palin Rant

Attention Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller, this is the real angle to take on the Mike Tyson story....ESPN's double standard on attacking public figures.

Remember that ESPN, on August 26th, came down on analyst Paul Azinger for daring to mock the endless golfing by Richard Milhous Obama.

Well, the vile, misogynist anti-Sarah Palin rant by convicted rapist Mike Tyson was carried on ESPN radio without no apology and you could hear the disgusting laughs of the ESPN hosts as that piece of human debris was going on his obscene, vile rant.

Opposing Views has more. I won't link to an audio clip of Tyson's trash, clearly enjoyed by ESPN employees.

Former boxer and convicted rapist Mike Tyson was on Gridlock, an ESPN Radio show in Las Vegas, this week and gave his R-rated opinions about the alleged affair between Sarah Palin and NBA star Glen Rice. The audio clip (below) is loaded with graphic, crude descriptions and definitely not for kids.

However, ESPN Radio was just fine with the audio. Apparently, if somebody isn't using a curse word, everything is fine and funny. Whether you're a Palin supporter or not is besides the point. Tyson clearly crosses a line into a crude, lockerroom world where it's acceptable to trash and bash a former vice presidential candidate beyond all sense of decency.

Remember also, ESPN's Kenny Mayne's tweet from June (linked by Michelle Malkin and Dana Loesch).

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