Friday, September 23, 2011

ESPN Still Silent Over Hosts Laughing At Tyson's Violent Sex Imagery Of Palin -- The Continued Violence Towards Conservative Women & Liberal's Shameful Silence

One week ago, hosts of The Gridlock ESPN Radio show -- Mitch Moss, Pauly Howard, Seat Williams, had former heavyweight champion and convicted rapist Mike Tyson on their show.

When asked about allegations Joe McGinniss brought up in his questionable expose of 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin of an interracial affair she had in 1987, Tyson went on a vile, violent sexual rant that left the three jockstraps hosting the show laughing like immature idiots in a locker room.

One week later, ESPN has said nothing in regards to the behavior of these hosts, or the sick tweet of Mitch Moss afterwards " #wombshifter Are you serious?! My head hurts from laughing."

Dana Loesch at Big Journalism, and a few other blogs, including this one, have reported on this. Unfortunately, one "conservative" news source took the eye off the real story when they couldn't get the story right in the first place last Friday, and some of their staff have come here to childishly attack other bloggers because they couldn't admit they messed this story up.

One week later, the three bozos who thought a violent sexual imagery by a convicted rapist against a prominent woman politician still have a radio show. ESPN has, to my knowledge, not said a word.

As Loesch pointed out, compare that to 2003, after Rush Limbaugh made comments as an ESPN host about Donovan McNabb people claimed were racist, such an uproar was raised he resigned from the Sunday football show. But ESPN's silence is deafening over the Gridlock hosts. Remember how Paul Azinger was publicly reprimanded by the network last month for mocking Richard Milhous Obama's golf.

Double standard? You betcha! But there's something even more sick going on. That is, violence directed towards conservative women and the silence (complicity) of the media, the alleged feminist movement, and society towards it.

Gov. Palin has been hung in effigy, had violent sex also wished upon her by an ugly, washed up comedian, and other details I could spend the rest of the night typing. Playboy also ran an article with a list of conservative women the author wanted to have "hate sex" with. Those are just two examples.

In the last week, we've seen it on Twitter. In writing on the ESPN Gridlock story, Loesch received vile Tweets from hateful liberals, one who said he wanted to "rage f*ck you while calling you a bootlicker," another wrote "GOOD sex" was what she needed, followed by the "c" word slur in a follow up tweet. Tolerant people, huh?

Similarly, the night Troy Davis was being executed in Georgia, unhinged lib actor, cocaine, alcohol and Galaga addict Alec Baldwin, took offense at a tweet by conservative columnist Michelle Malkin and urged his followers to "go town hall" on Malkin.

Some of the violent, sexist and racist tweets Malkin received included:

"Michelle is a heartless cunt"


"my foot is gonna stay on yo neck you noodle-slurping hoe. goodnight"

If you want to see the other hateful tweets directed towards her, go to The Right Scoop, via Nice Deb.

Can you imagine the howls of outrage if any conservative had issued such hate and violent sexual threats towards a liberal woman? The phony feminist groups would be on every TV show throwing the sexism card the same way the race card is thrown at conservatives. But Baldwin, star of 30 Rock and TCM's The Essentials, won't get hurt from his liberal friends, never mind his past as a verbal abuser towards his daughter, and his alleged abuse towards his ex-wife. Baldwin even joked on late night TV about getting a "mail order Filipino bride."

Liberals always mock conservatives as "anti-woman" as another way to try and divide America by class and gender. But liberals are anti-woman because of their silence by complicity, when it comes to the misogyny and threats issued towards conservative women.

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