Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Don't Lecture Us About Conservatism, Tucker Carlson!

Tucker Carlson of the Daily Caller appeared on Greta Van Susteren's On The Record last night, and on WMAL's The Morning Majority this morning, in regards to Greta's response to the DC's coverage of Mike Tyson's vile comments on Sarah Palin.

It wasn't enough for Carlson to give a lame defense of the story, he had to go further and attack conservatives as "whiners."

"(Liberals) are always whining and hoping for special exemptions and telling you it wasn't their fault, the dog ate their homework. And conservatives were sort of 'man up and deal with it.' For some reason that has changed dramatically I don't know why or what happened by increasingly I hear conservatives say things like 'you're a sexist!' you know 'I disagree with you therefore you must be biased in some way,' you know sort of appropriating the worst picks of the Left as their own. I don't know where to go I'm not going to become a liberal I disagree with them, but I'm embarrassed by it. I think it's pathetic and disgusting and I hope so called conservatives who engage in this take a good look in the mirror and realize they're not worthy of the term 'conservative.'"

Well, the last thing I need as a conservative is a lecture by Tucker Carlson about how to act like one. Especially a guy whose alleged "conservatism" shifts like the wind.

I recall back in 2006 when Carlson sounded more like a Code Pinko lib in discussing the Iraq War with my good friend Melanie Morgan. What happened Tucker? Did that invitation to Dancing with the Stars go to your head?

Tucker apparently has a problem with strong conservative women. He took the story of Michele Bachmann's migraines completely out of proportion, making her out to be "incapacitated" with "stress" that turned her into a pill popper. As for Sarah Palin, Carlson used the crude sexual term "MILF" in a tweet about Palin he later had to take down and lamely blamed on Charlie Sheen. What gives? Is Tucker Carlson a sexist or is he competing with Ann Coulter in "Who Has The Bigger Crush on Chris Christie?"

The last thing the GOP 2012 field needs is another RINO. Christie is no movement conservative. Neither is Tucker Carlson.

UPDATE: Robert Stacy McCain best sums it up....

What Tucker can’t seem to bring himself to admit is that about 10 minutes worth of careful editing would have put Jeff Poor’s article into the safety zone where not even the most zealous Palinista, nor even Sarah Palin herself, would have had any cause to complain...

Instead, he's digging himself a deeper hole and alienating himself even more from the conservative audience he hoped to attract.

Plus, he has the inevitable "Downfall" video:

Video by Three Beers Later.

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection and Ace of Spades have more, including video of Tucker Carlson's appearance on Greta's show.

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