Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Did Michelle Obama Insult Flag Folders At 9/11 Memorial? (VIDEO)

Someone at FreeRepublic.com posted the following video, in which the Obama's are watching the flag folding at Ground Zero.

During the folding, you see her talk to Obama about something (I'm not a lip reader), he agrees, and then she appears to slightly shake her head.

What's that supposed to mean?

It seems to me that during a somber, ceremony like this one, especially when our nation's flag is being folded, the Commander-in-Chief and his wife should remain silent and keep focused on it, not making little comments.

But we know how sacred this day was to Obama.


An Ordinary American said...

Anytime the Obamas are present anywhere around military or law enforcement personnel, they are offensive.

MO is every bit as offensive as BO, and I'm living for the day when we send these Muslim-sympathizing pieces of human bowel sewage back to where they belong--Chicago.


Anonymous said...

It looks like she said "it's beautiful how they fold that flag" and was moved by it

Anonymous said...

"... careful with the flag"

Any moron can see that was what she said. Only a twisted, petty, and morally bankrupt idiot would claim otherwise...

Anonymous said...

She is saying "All this for the flag" followed by an eye roll and a negative nod.

Anonymous said...

"All this for the flag"
Negative head nod and eye roll.

Anonymous said...

At 1st I thought that she said something negative but look closer, you can clearly make out the word THAT... so, look again and you will see she says it's beautiful how they fold THAT flag followed by what you'd call a smirk but to me is not actually a smirk after all but just a look of "wow" w/ a small smile as to not quite smile as that too would have been speculated about.