Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wealthy Hollywood Idiot Matt Damon....Rich Aren't Paying Enough Taxes

Another college dropout who reads scripts tells the rest of us how to behave (
Oscar-winner Matt Damon says he is "so disgusted" with the debt-ceiling process and adds he thinks it is "criminal" that wealthy Americans do not pay higher taxes.

The actor, donning a shaved head at the “Save Our Schools March” in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, said in a video interview with online journalist Nicholas Ballasy that wealthy people are paying less in taxes now than they paid at any other time in his lifetime and that it is "criminal that so little is asked of people who are getting so much."

OK, let me ask a question...what is Matt Damon's net worth? According to, Damon is worth $65 million dollars this year alone.

So, if you don't think the rich aren't paying enough taxes, why don't you set the example and pay even more than you owe, you dumbass Hollywood lib?

No wonder Damon and other Hollywood Half-Wits like Tom Hanks like Obama so much.  Neither of them can do anything without reading a script.

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An Ordinary American said...

I find myself watching fewer movies, because I can't stand the new breed of script-readers.

I find myself listening to fewer, if any, new music, because I can't stand the new breed.

I find myself watching fewer tv shows from the nit-wit-works, because I can't stand the new breed.

I listen to old classic rock, blues and country. I watch old Clint Eastwood and John Wayne movies. I watch History and Discovery and Outdoor channels on tv.

I have no use for the present, nor the future.