Monday, August 08, 2011

Thanks To NOW, I Almost Had A Heart Attack Today...

Because they actually defended a conservative woman...Michele Bachmann (Daily Caller).
Monday, the National Organization for Women (NOW) spoke out against Newsweek’s most recent cover, which features an extreme close-up of Michele Bachmann and the title “The Queen of Rage.”

“It’s sexist,” NOW president Terry O’Neill told TheDC. “Casting her in that expression and then adding ‘The Queen of Rage’ I think [it is]. Gloria Steinem has a very simple test: If this were done to a man or would it ever be done to a man – has it ever been done to a man? Surely this has never been done to a man.”

While some have pointed out that Newsweek has used unflattering photos of men such as Rush Limbaugh and John McCain on its cover, O’Neill says that is not the issue.

“Who has ever called a man ‘The King of Rage?’ Basically what Newsweek magazine – and this is important, what Newsweek magazine, not a blog, Newsweek magazine – what they are saying of a woman who is a serious contender for President of the United States of America…They are basically casting her as a nut job,” O’Neill said. “The ‘Queen of Rage’ is something you apply to wrestlers or somebody who is crazy. They didn’t even do this to Howard Dean when he had his famous scream.”

Donald Douglas notes that this liberal hit job by Newsweak comes as Bachmann is now the front runner in Iowa's polls. The last thing the lapdog media wants is a conservative running against Richard Milhous Obama. They want McCain 2.0, in the form of Romney or Huntsman.

Michelle Malkin also noted the Conservative Crazy Eyes Cliche & Other Stupid MSM Photo Tricks. Remember that the media has also done this in online news to Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell.

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