Thursday, August 11, 2011

Texas Gov. Perry To Run For President, But Stumbles Out Of The Gate

Well, it's not much of a secret anymore, but Texas Governor Rick Perry is speaking at the Red State convention in South Carolina this Saturday.  He spoke to Time magazine's Mark "Obama Was a Dick" Halperin in a video interivew and all but said he's running, and getting advice from George W. Bush (Legal Insurrection).

But it looks like Perry, whose move are being followed with much anticipation, stumbled out of the gate, observes Dan Riehl.
So, objectively, what can we ascertain from this? Well, in the first place, Perry's opening act was a screw up. He made a commitment to RedState and South Carolina, giving RS a great get btw, then he reneged on it out of political expedience. Now, given the budding bromances with Perry I've observed breaking out like zits on a teenager at RedState, I wouldn't be surprised to not hear any complaints from that corner of the blogoverse. And I would assume Perry explained and apologized, somehow. Who knows, maybe he will make it up to them - and they did enjoy some buzz from it, anyway.

Still, all in all, it was a weak opening act. The initial announcement was a screw up by Perry, one fixed by throwing a small gathering of conservatives under the bus for political expedience. When have we seen that before? Sounds like the Bushies are every bit as involved as some chatter suggests. After all, it was Bush 43 himself who claimed there is no conservative movement. So it would be interesting to know if Perry now has some of the same voices advising him. Hmm.

“Let me tell you something,” the president said. “I whupped Gary Bauer’s ass in 2000. So take out all this movement stuff. There is no movement.”

I have to say too, that if he's getting the Bushes to give him advice, that's going to bring the baggage of Bush to the ticket for Obama and the libs to beat Perry with like a dead horse. But it's not just that. Bush (while good as a Commander in Chief) watered down conservatism with this quasi-big government conservatism that wrecked the Republican Party.

Another mistake Bush made in 2000 that he's passing on to Perry--competeing in California. Forget it! Lee Rodgers astutely observed several times when he was on KSFO how Bush's delusion that he could win the late Golden State in 2000 took time and resources away from Florida. California is an impossibility for the Republican Party, because it doesn't really exist as a comeptitive entity in the state.  How can I know that?  What can you say about a state already going down the tubes economically that would re-elect Moonbeams Jerry Brown as Governor?

Not only has Perry stumbled out of the gate, I wonder if he really doesn't want to run, but is being pushed into it, a la Fred Thompson in 2007.

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An Ordinary American said...

In all honesty, I would rather Perry come out of the gate slow and cautious because the media is already sharpening their knives in anticipation of full-blown access to him.

As you, a fellow Texan (held hostage 1500 miles northeast of here, though), knows, there is no love lost between Perry and the Bush family.

I think the only advice Perry either solicited or halfway listened to was in dealing with how to make his announcement/throw his hat officially into the ring.

And that, in my opinion, will be about as far as any involvement with the Houston regime (Bush family) goes.

I was once okay with the Bushes right up until old man George and his wife began disparaging Sarah Palin and the Tea Party supporters.

At that point, I wrote Mr. "Read My Lips" off as absolutely irrelevant.

I like W as a person--my wife interviewed him many times when he was governor and she was a TV infobabe. He's a genuinely good person and his wife is absolutely top-shelf.

About the only capacity I liked Bush in during his presidency was as a commander-in-chief. After that, he was ho-hum at best.

I truly believe his legacy of wealth screwed up the way he approached the presidency, economics, spending and the American people in general.

Our family knows the Perrys--my grandfather's ranch was about thirty miles down the road from the Perry's spread in west Texas. They're good people. Real good people, and Rick was raised right.

Is he perfect? Not even close. Would he make a good president? Good question.

If we could take the media alone out of the equation, I think Perry would make a pretty decent president. If we could somehow neutralize the wackjobs like Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, et al, Perry would make a friggin' outstanding president.

But that's a challenge ANY conservative candidate who wins the White House will have to deal with.

The real threat to Perry--and America--isn't so much Obama and the Democrats.

It's old-school Republicans who are now RINOs who run their side of the aisle inside the Beltway.

They fear and loathe Sarah Palin and they're not too crazy about Michelle Bachman, as evidenced by Pawlenty and his low blows at her this evening.

Perry isn't a great public speaker--we seem to have a tradition of that in Texas, unfortunately, so this could get real interesting.

I've seen bumperstickers around here saying "Dream Team: Perry/Palin" and I like those.

But Palin is toxic to the conservatives as a national candidate. The RINOs like McCain and their prostitutes in the mainstream media have seen fit to guarantee that.

I'd still prefer Sarah Palin AS the president, but it ain't gonna happen.