Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tea Party Members Assualted At Clair McCaskill Town Hall

This is just breaking from Cry Liberty, via Rebel Pundit (h/t Kim Hedum on Twitter).
THIS (photo of a sign asking for no videotaping) is what was taped to the front door of the room where the public meeting, hosted by a public figure, in a public building, funded bypublic tax dollars. (This was at the Oak Bend Library Branch in Kirkwood, MO) Now, at first, I had assumed it was because they did not want any evidence of the fact that not a single question was answered. (There was also a copy of this at the head table where Fahey sat) Upon looking at it a second time, I noticed it said absolutely nothing about cameras.

Enter citizen journalist. I have known this man for a while, and can attest to the fact that he is a kind and honest man who we will simply call “John”. He is also an avid Tea Partier He began snapping photos at this public meeting, and one woman got upset. He assured her that he would not publish a photo of her since she asked. He was then asked to leave. At that moment, I pointed out there is no assumption of privacy in a public forum, and the Supreme Court has upheld this on multiple occasions.

After that, I excused myself briefly to take a call, and returned back to the meeting for the last 5 minutes of meeting time. Not wanting to distract, I chose to stand along the wall rather than walking back to my seat. Standing next to the John, who at this point had been accused of not being “real media” because he doesn’t write for the PD, I watched him snap a shot of another man airing a grievance, who at that point turned to the John and shouted “You do not have permission to publish that picture!”

What happened next happened so fast, I hardly had time to react. I man jumped from his seat and got in between John and myself and began pushing him out of the room as he kept yelling “Get the hell out!” I told this man to get his hands off of John, to which he responded “He’s pushing me!”

Another, larger man, joined in, opened the door and was trying to pull John out. This man also pulled out his cellphone and started shoving it in John’s face. John was now being assaulted by two men.

At this point a third man entered the scene and tried to break up the situation, but the weight of four men pushing against my small frame was pinning me against the wall. I had nowhere to go.

Finally, the second man went for John’s camera and in a final push, knocked John into me and I was then slammed into the wall, hitting my head and shoulder, and somehow had two men standing on my legs.

Senator McCaskill’s staffers immediately shut down the meeting. John managed to snap a few more pictures of his assailants as they fled the meeting.

The police were called and reports have been filed. McCaskill’s office has been instructed to turn over the sign-in list of all attendees at the end of the day and John is sharing photographs with the police so they can identify the assailants.

Honestly, they’re better off turning themselves in, but I won’t hold my breath that THUGS would ever actually do that.

That’s the difference between progressive thugs and true Tea Party Patriots, I can go all day in a meaningful exchange using my wit and words. . .yet, when a progressive doesn’t get their way, they turn to violence. I personally, feel it is never okay to touch or hurt another person. . .EVER! They don’t.

What was all that screaming about “peace” and a “new tone”? Oh, I forgot, that street only goes one way.

Good news is, I’m okay, and so is John. But this chicka has had enough excitement for one day. I’m in no way intimidated, I’m just ready for a cocktail.
Would be curious if there's any other witnesses, etc, or if anyone was able to sneak a video taping.  Was there a police report filed?

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