Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tea Party Express Kicks Off Tour; Lib Counter Protesters Yell Threats, Scream Over National Anthem (UPDATED With Video)

In the middle of preparing and seeing what Hurricane Irene will throw our way in the DC Metro area, I was reminded by Marathon Pundit that the Tea Party Express tour is kicking off today in beautiful Napa, CA.

Tabitha Hale from FreedomWorks is there for the kick off. I saw earlier she had posted the following on Twitter of the, shall we say, lack of class, of the liberal counter protesters in attendance.

Sharon Angle wrote, via Facebook:

30 paid protesters, one in a rat suit, yelled through the National Anthem.They took a lunch break and returned to heckle at end. They were tolerated by nearly 1000 good-natured tea partiers. See you in Sparks at the Victorian Square Amphitheater at 5.

So, which union paid members to protest?  Yelling through a bullhorn over the National Anthem and verbal threats. I guess the libs didn't get the #newtone memo from The White House.

UPDATE: Here's some video I found on YouTube. At about 20 seconds, you hear one of the union thugs yell "go back to England f**ker!"

Video below translated "Tax the middle class."

Here's Tony Katz talking to one of the paid-for union mob, where at about 1 :20 another union goon says "Pat Boone's going to die get on the bus!".

Tabitha Hale has posted her report at FreedomWorks blog, along with a photo of the inflatable rat the union goons brought to their protest.

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Deekaman said...

Yeah...."new tone". I do not expect the "new tone" to show up in what is left of my lifetime. We are in the fight of our lives and cannot afford to lose. Check out the protest at Messmer preparatory Academy in Milwaukee is you want to see what jackwagons these people are. (It's on my blog if you want an easy link)

I predict there will be a shooting or a "Kristallnacht" type event even before the 2012 elections and certainly after, especially if Obama loses.