Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ryan Rhodes, Tea Party Member Who Confronted Obama, Just On Rush Limbaugh Show (AUDIO ADDED)

Ryan Rhodes, the Tea Party activist who confronted Richard Milhous Obama yesterday about Vice President Bite-Me calling the Tea Party "terrorists," just called in to Rush Limbaugh's radio show.  He said he was being courted for interviews by CNN, et al, about the scene yesterday. (AUDIO BELOW - via MrTimotheus85)

Rhodes noted the irony how the Obama Regime called the Tea Party "terrorists" yet Obama hung around with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.  He also said he was able to get a ticket for the event, and had watched a few days earlier Michele Bachmann get taken out of a crowd when someone rushed towards her.

There is a problem I have with the way Rhodes is being attacked by so-called "conservatives," namely alumni from the Bush Administration (Brad Blakeman and Dana Perino).  Where were Blakeman and Perino when their boss was receiving some of the most uncivil, hateful attacks from Democrats and the Left?  But no!  Instead, they're attacking a Tea Party member who was being civil in expressing displeasure towards hate-filled comments the Vice President of the United States made towards private citizens.  Rhodes had every right to question Obama about this (and God Bless him for doing it), since Obama made such a big deal about "civility" after the tragic shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and others earlier this year.

Obama also called the Tea Party "teabaggers," and implied a racist motive in their opposition of him.

I don't remember Perino or Blakeman defending the Tea Party against the slanderous allegations that they had used the "n-word" against black Congressmen in March 2010, or being responsible for the Tucson shooting.

When the media does cover Rhodes, I will wager that they will be combative aginst him, as opposed to how glowingly they treated Code Pinkos and others who attacked Bush Administration officials.  How much are you willing to bet Obama's media lapdogs will go out and try to find every bit of information about Rhodes?  They did it to Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber.

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Peg C. said...

Just found this right after hearing Rush interview Ryan. This guy is GREAT! It's about damn time someone took it to the Whiny Narcissist-in-Chief! Ryan Rhodes is my new hero. As for these faux Republicans from the Bush 43 administration, I've had it with them! Never heard of Blakeman before but I cannot stand Perino. Respect for the office of the president? What planet are these people on? This destroyer deserves NO respect from We The People. We cannot get rid of him soon enough! Endless nightmare.

Great post and so fast, I'm impressed! :-)