Thursday, August 25, 2011

Radtke Campaign Asks For Apology & Retraction, Erick Erickson Goes "Icarus" In Response

Today, Jamie Radtke's campaign wrote the following about the smears from Erick Erickson and

Yesterday, on the front page of, Erick Erickson lashed out and wrote a blog smearing Jamie Radtke with completely false attacks by publishing libelous pejoratives in hopes of damaging her reputation.

Erickson wrote his column in response to a report on another blog that he had told Radtke, “My bosses are HUGE [George] Allen friends, not just fans. They are socially connected. So I’m having to tread carefully in this.”

Erickson, after confirming that he had made the statement, wrote a vicious blog that defamed Jamie’s character.

“Erick’s blog goes beyond the pale,” Radtke stated. “He crossed the line by publishing complete falsehoods. Now, it is his responsibility to admit he did wrong, set the record straight and apologize – and that is what I am asking Erick to do.

“This kind of scurrilous behavior and treatment has been repeatedly carried out on tea party leaders and conservative candidates who dare challenge the good ‘ole boy Washington Establishment. This attempt by the Washington Establishment to destroy the tea party and their candidates must stop. Enough is enough.

“What is most important is that we focus our attention on beating a President and his liberal Democrat friends who want to fundamentally change America. I encourage the tea party to stay determined and committed to fight back against the negative narrative on us and let’s defeat Obama and his liberal cohorts.”

Here's a copy of the letter from the Radtke campaign.

Dan Riehl also adds this timeline, since Erickson has dragged him into it and is unfarily attacking Riehl, claiming (with no evidence, just "guesswork") he was the source of the Politico article. R.S. McCain also follows up from yesterday, and Tammy Bruce had Radtke on her radio show today, with the podcast attached here.

In response, Erickson seems to have gone full bore "Icarus" (as in Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs shame). Instead of retracting his comments, he gives a half-assed "apology" and then wants to say it is all a "distraction." Well, that's one you created, Erick, when you wanted to accuse her (without proof) of being drunk during her speech.

If you, or anyone else, thought she gave a bad speech, or criticize her ideas, that's your right. Calling her a drunken idiot without proof crosses the line.

What is even more bothersome is to witness what is now becoming a sport among the "good 'ole boy" country club GOP establishment--the mean-spirited character assassination and other attacks on Tea Party candidates. I must also note that most of these attacks are on candidates who are women.

Just last night, Karl Rove was attacking Sarah Palin for being "thin-skinned." This is the same guy who (saw what you will about her candidacy) decided to lead the charge against Christine O'Donnell last year. It seems to me the attitude of the "good 'ole boys" like Rove, Erickson, et al, is that Tea Party women like Palin, Radtke, O'Donnell, etc, are only good enough to be in the kitchen, cook dinner, clean the plates and bring the establishment boys their beer while the boys talk politics.

Someone needs to tell these guys, it's the liberals who they need to go after, not do the liberal's work for them by attacking fellow conservatives.

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Rose said...

yeah - I am tired of hearing the phrase "She can be a cheerleader for the guys" about Sarah.

Heck no! She was your standard bearer, guys, she is the one who got McCain almost to even, and gave him a chance to win! By sheer force of her personality and integrity and power.

I am looking forward to her entering hte race.

As for the rest - Dammit! Can we save the pillow-fight til AFTER 2012? How about we schedule a big, knock-down, drag-out mud-wrestling match for the day AFTER the goddam most important election of our lifetimes. You can have at it THEN. Not now.

Suck it up Dan, Eric, whoever. Get it together and GET TOGETHER. We all have our favorites, but shooting our own is only going to hurt us all.