Friday, August 05, 2011

Racial Attacks On Opening Day At Wisconsin State Fair

I saw this earlier today at Gateway Pundit, and found more updates with new video, including some taken on a mobile phone, of attacks at the Wisconsin State Fair in which black youths were assaulting white attendees. (
Witnesses say they've never seen anything like what happened at Wisconsin State Fair Thursday night.

Starlitha Yadav witnessed multiple fights during her first hour at the fair Thursday. She caught some of the fights on video.

"It was a gang of girls fighting other girls," she says.

More fights kept emerging before her eyes.

"These guys come swining at each other like the fight was moving up on the side of us," said Yadav. "He was like, yeah let's go get the guns."

Steve Talarcyzk said he saw a bunch of kids attacking a guy in the street.

"So I jump up, run out here, clear these kids out of the way, and they're just running up on him," said Talarcyzk.

Because of the events Thursday at the fair, the rides shut down early. Many people were upset about the fights,

More here and here.

Apparently, similar attacks have gone on in other places, and ignored by the media.  I'm sure we'd hear all about it if it was whites attacking blacks.  The Tea Party and Sarah Palin would be blamed.  There'd be another "civility" lecture from Obama as well.

You wonder why this kind of garbage happens, and have to wonder, is it not because very few are willing to label "right and wrong"?  After being in Virginia Beach recently, I saw signs on the boardwalk telling people not to use crude language or act in an overly sexual manner in public.  Blame that on lack of parenting and no real values handed down, except blame.

It doesn't help matters when the race card is thrown around at a dizzying pace by race hustlers who profit over racial division in America, and any form of legitimate dissent (which was "the highest form of patriotism" during the Bush Years) against Richard Milhous Obama is labled "racism." Racist motives (when there are none) are attributed to oppostion to the President, and even racist incidents are made up out of thin air by the Congressional Black Caucus, the Democrat Party and their media allies.

This is the kind of crap our nation does not need now.

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