Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Peace & Tolerace," NOT Patriotism--How DC Schools Will Observe 10th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks

So children in Washington DC's government run schools will learn more about why America is evil and to blame for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, under the guise of "peace and tolerance." (Washington Examiner).
Washington will commemorate the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 terrorist attacks with a three-day citywide observance, Mayor Vincent Gray announced.

....A special committee has been selected to review preparations for the memorial events, which will run Sept. 9 to 11. The committee members "all have a connection, either themselves or through others close to them, to the tragic day," Gray said.

Each day of remembrance corresponds to an aspect of the theme, "One City ... One World: Peace, Tolerance, Service and Remembrance."

Local schools will observe the first day, designated as a Day of Tolerance, with a peace-promoting curriculum. A 2001 resolution by the D.C. Board of Education requires public schools in the city observe the day with anti-racism lessons.

Washington kids are invited on the second day, called the Day of Peace, to toss rose petals at Hains Point and discuss the value of peace.

The events culminate in a citywide Day of Service hosted by Greater D.C. Cares on Sept. 11, a decade after the attacks, with a candlelight ceremony bringing the events to the close.

Well first of all, Mister Mayor, what happened on September 11, 2001 was NOT a tragedy. It was a deliberate act of war on this nation, of which one of the areas hit was the Pentagon nearby, and the US Capitol building was suspected of being the target of United Flight 93. Quit associating what happened on 9/11 with an airplane accident or some act of God. It wasn't!  Neither did 9/11 happen because of a lack of peace, but instead by the intolerance of radical Islamists.

I've seen this crap as far back as the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, where the Moron County, CA School District (where American Taliban John Walker Lindh was schooled) made up an "In Response to 9/11 Curriculum" that consisted of stating "Currently, it is unknown exactly who launched this attack, and no terrorist group has taken responsibility. There is widespread suspicion surround Osama bin Laden," as well as providing links to Leftist organizations and a quote from Leon Trotsky about terrorism as a "necessary evil to promote the worldwide cause of workers and as a response to military actions of counterrevolutionaries and Western Powers."

What DC schools will be doing is the typical liberal response. America evil and racist, because poor Muslims are being picked on. You'd almost think an America hating bigot like Jeremiah Wright wrote the curriculum.

It doesn't help matters anymore when the current Regime uses this sacred day to promote a "Day of Service," as if mowing your neighbors lawn and taking out the neighborhood recycling will best honor 9/11 heroes like Fr. Mychal Judge, Todd Beamer, Betty Ong, Barbara Olson, Mark Bingham, and the others whose lives were extinguished that day by Muslim terrorists.

Why don't our children get a lesson about what makes America great and exceptional? How freedom is a God-given right that has to be defended, or it will perish. How, despite our best efforts, you cannot coexist with people who want to destroy this nation. Instead, we get this liberal hippie "one world, one people" navel gazing garbage.

Honestly, what good has lectures about "racism" done in DC public schools? Recent hate crime stats show that whites and Hispanics have become the targets of racial attacks in DC.

I find it funny too, that liberals are always the ones who scream loudest about "tolerance" when it comes to Muslim terrorism, even denying such acts of terror exist. But they show their own intolerance when they're quick to label Christians, conservatives and Tea Party members as "terrorists, "Wahabbists," or members of the "American Taliban." Never mind that these peaceful liberals would be the first people the terrorists would kill.

Instead of wishing for some liberal utopia, DC schools and others around the nation should teach American exceptionalism. Leave the tolerance lectures for the leaders of the ideology that attacked us on 9/11, who are intolerant of womens' rights, homosexuals, Christians, Jews and other religions.

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