Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obamas Dine In Expensive Martha's Vineyard Restaurant While Many Americans Can't Afford A Night Out

More Hopey Change for America. You know, "everyone's got to have some skin in the game," except for the Obama Family (White House Dossier).
President and Mrs. Obama are sharing in the sacrifice tonight at the Beach Plum Restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard, which features an array of overpriced selections for the first couple to choose from that could easily bring the bill within range of $200.

They might, for example, choose to start the meal with a $15 chunk of pizza cheese – I’m sorry, “Fresh Mozzarella” with “Fresh Basil, vine ripened tomatoes, aged balsamic reduction, and chive dill.”

...But the sacrifice really gets serious with the entree, where the Obamas may want to order half a chicken for $38. Excuse me, please, “Herb crusted roasted half Katama Farm chicken; garlic mashed potatoes with steamed broccollini, rosemary jus.”

This would be perfect for me, because when I get tired of Perdue, I alway switch to Katama Farm.

There’s also the steamed twin Menemsha lobsters for $48. Isn’t Menemsha some kind of club for geniuses? I’ll take those.

But to be sure that they’re twins, I’ll need a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

The restaurant notes, “We would be happy to split single entree items for an additional charge of $15.”

Well, of course! I’m sure being paid $15 to heap the same junk on two plates instead of one would make them very happy indeed.

So if the Obamas go with the cheese and the chicken we’re at $53 before dessert, tax, tip and booze. Now, looks like it’s bring-your-own-drinks with a corkage fee of $10. So if we assume $10 for a drink, $10 for dessert – you know they’re both having dessert – a 6.25 percent Massachusetts restaurant tax, and a 20 percent tip, we’re at $93 each, or $186 for the couple.

The average weekly Social Security check for a retired worker is about $274. Just saying.

And guess what? No peas on the menu. The Obamas don’t have to eat their peas.

Don't forget Social Security recipients have not received a Cost of Living increase in their checks since Obama became President.

The Vacationer-in-Chief also found time to hit the links yesterday for a round of golf, like he doesn't have a worry in the world.

Emily Miller wrote in the Washington Times:

That kind of lackadaisical work schedule makes even European leaders appear industrious.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said au revoir to the Mediterranean when France’s stock market plummeted and the nation’s credit rating was put at risk. British Prime Minister David Cameron bid farewell to Tuscany to deal with the riots in London. Mr. Cameron’s chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, rode the Jurassic Park log flume at Universal Studios and hit Disneyland until he had to cut his California trip short to deal with his nation’s economic crisis.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said ciao to his regular Sardinia holiday to work through August to deal with his nation’s debt crisis. When the Italians make Americans look lazy, we’re really in a mess.

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Quite Rightly said...

'Cause, you know, at a $50,000-a-week resort, the food's not so good.