Monday, August 08, 2011

Obama (Finally) Speaks On US Credit Rating Downgrade; Blames Everyone But Himself, Stock Market Takes Another Dive

If I was a Republican campaign ad consultant, I'd recommend using this photo for whomever will run against Richard Milhous Obama next year (PJ Media).

This was the podium at the White House, when Obama didn't speak until almost an hour after he was scheduled to deliver remarks on the downgrade of the US debt rating.

What the hell took so long? He had three damn days to think about it. Teleprompter not working? Delayed at the 19th hole? This photo tells a lot about America today. We don't have a leader, and our nation is crumbling under a crisis of leadership. This pathetic display of "Leading from Behind" that we saw from Obama today should embarrass and anger Americans.

I mean, seriously, Obama comes out an hour late, blames everyone but himself, says we have to raise more taxes in an economy that has never recovered or created jobs and, don't worry, I'll get to you in a week or so about what I'd like to cut (hint: the military).

His reason given that America shouldn't have lost their AAA credit rating? Warren Buffett's opinion. Big fucking deal! The words of a billionaire, corporate-jet owning Obama supporter is going to sway Standard & Poors (they were probably laughing at that one)? This is what happens when you entrust leadership to someone who thinks he can talk our problems away.

Meanwhile, the SOB heads out the door of the White House tonight to do more fundraisers. Never mind the stock market tanked even as "That One" moved his lips. Is he and his party so tone deaf that they think this kind of crap today from Obama will go over well, especially as he rubs elbows with wealthy donors?

Fundraise? For What? I mean, shit! Why the hell is he even running for re-election when he doesn't have a damn thing to run on except higher unemployment, higher debt, more divisiveness in America, a lower S&P credit rating, and a health-care "reform" package that no one in America wanted, and they reject even more today. Hell, the bill was so bad he and the party henchmen had to twist arms and bribe for votes.

Oh, yeah, "he killed" bin Laden. Spare me! Like everything else, the prick had to be dragged in kicking and screaming from the damn golf course when the raid happened and they needed his input. Then he tried to take credit for all the work the intelligence and military (whom his InJustice Department has sought prosecutions against for "torture") did to make the killing of the mass murderer bin Laden possible.

What should be done?

John Boehner should quit wiping his eyes and bring back up "Cut, Cap & Balance," and keep sending it to the Senate so that America sees who the real obstructionists are--The Democrat led Senate. Then, Mitch McConnell should find his balls and press CCP in the Senate. No more of his toying with the idea of giving debt ceiling power to Obama, or this Gang of Six crap....start cutting spending!

You want "revenue increases?" Quit threatening small business owners with tax increases? Let them keep and invest more of their money and jobs will be created. Here's a good idea at Bread Upon the Waters--issue oil leases. Revenue, in the form of royalties, would be created. That doesn't include revenue from jobs created. More jobs created brings in....(guess what????)....more revenue!

But don't expect a "community organizer" to have any knowledge of how to create a job. Demagoguery and blame doesn't fix the problem either. As for a plan to cut spending, Obama should have done that months ago, instead of continuing to "vote present" and "not let a crisis go to waste." If blame and buck passing is all Obama has, then may I suggest he pay heed to another crooked Democrat President's words of wisdom from over 40 years ago.

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