Sunday, August 28, 2011

Obama Fights Vacationer-in-Chief Image With Irene Command Center Photo Op, Fails

Richard Milhous Obama saw his poll numbers sinking faster than the Titanic this week, and the fact that Americans saw him as a deadbeat President, more interested in golfing and vacationing.

So he had to do something....anything!

He and the family flew back to Washington from Martha's Vineyard early, due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Irene. Check out the glum looks on their faces (

He got himself down into the command center to look in charge, no doubt to poke former President Bush in the eye and fight off the image he has of a detached executive.

It was a flop.

Gateway Pundit found how people who commented on Yahoo news weren't impressed (screenshot below).

Donald Douglas at American Power found how the George Soro$ funded Think Progress is attacking criticism from Power Line blog about Obama's vain and narcissistic attempt to look as if he's in charge.

The Soros-backed goons single out John Hinderaker for particular scorn, attacking him pathetically as a "Koch Industries lawyer."

So, let's see what that's all about, at Power Line, "HOW TO POLITICIZE A HURRICANE":
It remains to be seen whether Irene turns out to be the Comet Kohoutek of hurricanes, but President Obama is taking no chances. He posed for a photo-op today, pretending to have something to do with the potentially-severe weather event. AFP headlined: “Obama takes charge at hurricane command center.”


I’m sure it’s a relief to everyone on the East Coast to know that Obama is personally directing hurricane response efforts. Never mind that he isn’t competent to organize a Little League baseball team; today’s charade obviously is a corollary of the Hurricane Katrina fiasco, in which America’s mass media committed group malpractice, somehow managing to blame the inevitable consequences of a severe weather event, magnified by incompetent local authorities in New Orleans, on the Bush administration. Obama is setting the stage to receive praise, rather than blame, no matter what actually happens between now and when Hurricane Irene blows itself out.
Continue at the link above.

And see Bob Williams, "Shifting Blame in the Katrina Tragedy." If the pathetic progressive trolls want to go back 6 years to drudge up a blame game, they need only look to their own party to find responsibility for the left's criminal failure to protect Gulf Coast citizens in 2005.

Can we remind the Left of how the Democrat mayor took care of evacuating New Orleans' citizens?

I guess they could only find the keys on Election Day.

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The Obamas look like they're heading back to the salt mines. Geesh.