Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Next Big Fight--Beating Back The Union-Funded Recall Efforts In Wisconsin

Next week, recall elections will be held against six Republican state senators in Wisconsin in a joint effort by out of state labor unions, Democrats, and Richard Milhous Obama's own campaign arm.

After Judge David Prosser was re-elected in a close election earlier this year, this is now the next big fight.

Tea Party Express is touring the state to support the six Republican senators. Tabitha Hale from Freedomworks is with the tour and sends the following report and photos.
We had a great first day of rallies to support Governor Walker and the Republican Legislature in the upcoming recall elections. The support was amazing... as was the union backlash. We were greeted by a bunch of red and blue union shirts in Hudson. Several unions were organizing protesters, and they surrounded the bus as we pulled up to the event. There was shouting and chanting. They even brought a tuba to try to drown us out.

Despite the distraction and the counter-organization, the Wisconsinites that were there to support the Republican State Senators made themselves heard. Shouts of "Racists!" and "Go home!" For a group so opposed to outside support, they sure seemed okay with accepting union money from out of state. But I digress.

This is so important, and the people on the ground here know it. We've had great turnout at the rallies, and the people here are fighting the fight!

The Legislature was elected to get the budget under control. They made the cuts and did the work while the Democrat Legislators ran away to Illinois, and the fact that they're being punished is just outrageous. As much as it is the job of the citizens to hold their representatives accountable, it is our job to support the ones who are doing the hard work.

Find out more about the tour by visiting Tea Party Express.

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Deekaman said...

I believe we are in trouble with the recalls. We will know for sure starting Tuesday, but I have a real bad feeling.