Thursday, August 11, 2011

Live Blogging -- Fox News Iowa Republican Presidential Debate....Pawlenty Low Blows Bachmann, Mistakenly Says Obama Vacationing In Cape Cod, Instead Of Martha's Vineyard

Michele Bachmann said she could start to turn the economy around in three months, and said Richard Milhous Obama would be a one term President.

Mitt Romney was up, looks as slick as ever.  Brett Baier said some columnist noted he was missing during the debt debate, in what was called the "Mittness Protection Program."

Ron Paul sounds as nutty as ever.

Hermain Cain - "Make tax cuts permanent."

Brett Baier asks RINO Huntsman why he doesn't have an economic plan on his website. He said it's plan is called "leadership."  What he did as Governor of Utah.

Newt notes this coming Saturday is the 30th anniversary of Reagan signing the tax cut bill, and he did it with divided government, because he went to American people.

Pawlenty: Go to my website and read my plan.  Important question: where's is Obama's plan?  If you can find any of Obama's plans, I'll come to your house and cook your dinner or mow your lawn.  In Mitt's case, I'm limited to one acre.

Bachmann responding to Pawlenty claim she doesn't have accomplishments....Bachmann hit Pawlenty back with supporting cap & trade, and saying the era of small government is over.  Says similar to Obama's policies.  People are looking for a champion. Fought Obamacare, crap & tax, debt ceiling. I fought when others ran. The first fistacuffs in the debate.  Pawlenty hit her with a low blow...if that's your record of accomplishment, you're killing us.

Responding to question about his companies losing people, and Massachusetts ranking 47 out of 50 in job creation, Romney ducks the question with textbook answer.

Pawlenty makes a mistake.  Says Obama should cancel his Cape Cod vacation and call Congress back to work.  Wrong!  Obama is going to Martha's Vineyard.

Newt says Congressional "super committee" is the dumbest idea Washington has come up with.  Scrap committee and go back to regular legislative action, get rid of secret phony business.

To Romney, do you think Government can make a person buy a good or service? Where is it in the Constitution? Romney ducks the question, talks instead about the Massachusetts Constitution. 

Is the audience full of Paulbots?

Bachmann, there's room in the race for Gov. Perry, Gov. Palin and whoever else.  Newt, people have lots of time to come into play.

Newt is really testy, accusing Baier and Wallace of asking "gotcha" questions.  Says we need to rethink our involvement in the Middle East.  Sounding like a "cut and run?"

Ron Paul showed why he's such a loon, essentially saying Iran should be allowed to have nuclear weapons.

Santorum says anyone who doesn't see Iran as a threat (RuPaul) sees the world as Obama sees it.

John Huntsman covers his bases.  He supports traditional marriage, but supports "civil unions."  Michele Bachmann says she supports a federal marriage amendment.

Bachmann - I was proved right, we should not have raised the debt ceiling.

Herman Cain - Uncertainty is killing this country.

Closing statements - Bachmann looks strong, Newt looked edgy, Romney still looks slick and evasive.  Pawlenty acted desperate, Santorum came on strong, Cain, good ideas, but maybe should be a cabinet member.  Huntsman is a RINO who doesn't know why he's running.  Ron Paul shows he's nuts and leads a cult following of zombies, like Obama.

Missing: Rick Perry and Sarah Palin....then, things will get intersting.

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