Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Libs' Last Gasp In Wisconsin FAILS! Only Win Two of Six Recalls -- GOP Keeps Control Of Senate

So, last night was the recall elections in Wisconsin, which I'd mentioned the other day in a post about rallies for the GOP state Senators being recalled.

Regular commenter Deekaman, who lives up there, commented he wasn't sure things were going to go our way. At the time, I was wondering the same thing.

But polling before the election looked good, and yesterday, the libs and unions only won two of the six recall elections (MSNBC, via Gateway Pundit).

Democrats failed late Tuesday in their effort to gain control of the Wisconsin state senate as Republican incumbents won four of six recall elections.

The outcome was a big setback for Democrats, organized labor, and progressive groups who’d sought retribution against six GOP allies of Gov. Scott Walker, who earlier this year enacted a labor law overhaul that ended collective bargaining rights for many public sector workers.

The recall elections attracted millions of dollars of investment from both liberals and conservatives across the nation.

GP also mentions one lib group spent over $10 million.

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Deekaman said...

A couple things to add from the perspective of a Wisconsin TEA Party Conservative.

They targeted Alberta Darling. Many believed she was a "moderate", so when she went along with the Walker Agenda, the Lefties went nuts. She was the Crown Jewel of the recall; the one they spent the most on. It was ridiculous. And they lost.

Randy Hopper didn't lose because he voted with Walker. Polling indicates he lost because he cheated on his wife with a (then) 25 y/o staffer.

This was a disaster for the Left.