Sunday, August 07, 2011

Liberals Outraged Over Rick Perry's Prayer Event, But Made Excuses For Obama's Racist "Pastor"

So yesterday, in Houston, Texas Governor Rick Perry was part of a prayer event that had sparked outrage and protests among liberals and the Obama acolytes in the Lapdog Media.

Here's some video of Perry's comments at the rally, thanks to Freedom's Lighthouse.

And this audio of Perry's speech (via Solidprinciples):

Now, what's controversial about that?

But I find it funny that liberals who are so outraged about Gov. Perry's presence at this prayer event, raised no outraged about this alleged "reverend" of a certain Illinois Senator (videos below), they also made excuses for it and claimed the video was taken out of context.

Let's just say the Left only likes Christianity when they can twist it for the purposes of promoting socialism.

The Libs and the media love talking about supposed "Islamophobia," well, it's apparent from their reaction to Gov. Perry that there's more Christophobia in America.

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