Monday, August 22, 2011

Liberals Attempt At Censorship--Contacting Conservative Blogger's Employer With Libelous Allegations

My friend and fellow blogger Donald Douglas at American Power writes about a despicable situation he is facing--libelous allegations from a Leftist blogger that are being passed on to not just his employer, but also the attorney general of California.
I previewed my thoughts on this the other day. See: "The Claims of Grievance-Bearing Identity Groups Will Always Prevail Over Fairness." As noted, Carl Salonen's entire hate program is predicated on malice and lies. As I will show later, he made allegations not to correct any perceived injustices, but to destroy a political enemy. His attacks went from what most of us online know as "flame wars" to something else entirely: A specific campaign to harm me personally, by slandering my reputation and by possibly bringing about the termination of my employment. And it was all based on lies. As I noted many times, progressives will sink to the lowest depths of utter depravity to silence and destroy those with whom they disagree and those they hate. Law Professor William Jacobson once wrote on the earlier campaigns of harassment against me:

We don’t all just have to get along. But there are certain lines which should not be crossed, and trying to disrupt another blogger’s employment crosses that line. Can we at least agree on that?

Progressives do not agree on that, because they live by the rule of the mob.

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Liberals are always the ones who claim to champion free expression and "dissent," except (obviously) when they are the recipients of "dissent." I've known co-workers I've seen at conservative events, or counter protests against the violent Leftist "peace" organizations and pro-illegal alien groups. More often than not, they've said "don't tell so and so in the office I was here" because of the threat of workplace harassment by intolerant liberals. I've heard of other bloggers, activists who've had their employers contacted with slanderous communications of "Did you know you employ a bigot?"

Also, how many times have we heard, especially from the Left, calls for laws, etc against "bullying." Yes, we can all agree bullying is wrong, and should not be allowed to happen. But why then is it OK for you liberals to bully people who have a different political ideology by boycotting their business or trying to get them fired?

Besides, if you're going to act like a crypto-fascist and go after a blogger or activist's employer just because you don't like their political ideology, then you've just admitted to the world and everyone else you cannot intellectually challenge their arguments.

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