Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jane Jamison -- R.I.P.

When wrapping everything up for the night, my eye caught the following headline from Jeff Dunetz at Yid With Lid: Rest in Peace Jane Jamison My CPAC Buddy.

Jane lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was through my friend Melanie Morgan's website that I heard of her blog, Uncoverage. It was a great place to find several good stories. She'd linked here a few times as well, and I was grateful for the hat tip.

I met Jane CPAC 2011. We had a nice but brief conversation and she was telling me about how rampant voter fraud was in the 2010 election, especially in California. What she was telling me was a lot of food for thought. I think I'd e-mailed her once or twice afterwards with a couple of links.

Her last post at Uncoverage was on August 26th, that she had a family emergency to attend to. Apparently, she died the next day, on Saturday. It doesn't sound like anyone was aware that she was ill. R.S. McCain notes, on his blog, that Dell Hill, who assisted Jane with Uncoverage, would take the reins there.

Goodbye, Godspeed and Rest in Peace Jane.

Other remembrances from Donald Douglas, The Lonely Conservative, Fleming and Hayes, and John at Right Wing News.

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