Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GOP Establishment's Low Blow To Jamie Radtke

The Republican Senate primary in Virginia has taken a turn down to the gutter today.

Politico, via The Other McCain:

Ben Smith at Politico today reports that Erick Erickson of Red State backed off his early endorsement of Jamie Radtke — a Tea Party-backed candidate in the Republican primary for next year’s Senate race in Virginia — because of what Erickson called “the long term relationship” between former Sen. George Allen and Red State’s corporate owner, Eagle Publishing.

It gets worse. Radtke was attacked over her speech at the RedState Gathering on August 12, which she was alleged to have been "a drunk rambling idiot that took 30 minutes to introduce a director who himself was confused," with those making the assertion said they "mercifully" did not film her introduction of "The Undefeated" director Steven Bannon.

In a follow-up article, Dan Riehl of Riehl World View is being attacked and blamed for the Politico piece, yet no proof was offered that Riehl was behind the piece, just "guesswork."

So what's the truth about Jamie Radtke? I can't find a video, but did find this blog post from someone who was at RedState Gathering.

Here are some highlights:

*Jamie Radtke, a savvy Tea Party activist from Virginia, is going to challenge for the US Senate seat being vacated in a surprise move by Democrat Jim Webb. Radtke’s 20-page handout looks like a sure-fire recipe for success and shows an extraordinary level of organization for her candidacy among Virginia conservatives. Her site is Radtke resides in the Richmond area. With the shift of Virginia to the right under governor Bob McDonnell (the new chairman of the National Governors’ Association) and attorney general Ken Cuccinelli, Radtke looks like a winner.

Now, if she was drunk, as alleged, don't you think there would be not just video, but people all over the internet commenting about her speech being a "trainwreck?" I can't find anything to back up the allegation, except on the RedState post mentioned earlier.

Let me state up front I have nothing against RedState, or Erick Erickson, or even George Allen (Hell, I defended him against the media smear campaign when I was in California). If they want to make a case that George Allen would be a better Senate candidate, make that case. However, to label your opponent as an incoherent drunk with no proof is a low blow and reeks of desperate tactics by the "good ole boy" GOP establishment to get rid of any outsiders and Tea Party challengers, like what we saw in 2010 from the likes of Karl Rove, etc.

It certainly is a violation of what Ronald Reagan called "The 11th Commandment."  Plus, we should be more concerned about defeating Tim Kaine, one of the worst governors in recent history who would be nothing but an Obama rubber stamp, should he be re-elected.

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