Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From Around The Blogosphere -- August 10, 2011

Blogger was down this evening, and my brain is fried with fatigue from a late night at The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA, listening to one of my favorite musicians who is also from my hometown of Austin, TX, Eric Johnson.

Here's one clip from the show:

Here's what's happening around the blogosphere today.

Gateway Pundit reports that Richard Milhous Obama has exploited the deaths of US Navy Seals in Afghanistan over the weekend with a photo of ....guess who....after the White House said there would be no photos released.

And the Taliban scum who killed our Navy Seals ate lead.....rot in Hell with your 72 virgins who look like Helen Thomas!

Haven't heard the name of Nasser Abdo lately? You know, the "conscientious (Muslim) objector who didn't want to fight Muslims but was willing to kill Americans in another attack near Ft. Hood in Killeen, TX? This Ain't Hell reports he was indicted today.  Could the media silence be because of links between Abdo and anti-war "vets" like IVAW?  TAH's ninjas also report that former IVAW members are keeping the FBI in Texas busy.

After a day of buying back losses yesterday, the stock market went south again.  Ace of Spades looks at another day on Wall Street and polling showing more doubt about the direction America is heading.

The racial attacks at the State Fair in Wisconsin mentioned the other day aren't just an isolated incident. There have been gangs of roving "flash mobs," in places like Philadelphia. Tania at Midnight Blue tells how the Mayor of Philly is cracking down on this violence.

In Britain, the government has all but surrendered to the rioters, as Sister Toldjah reports. Donald Douglas at American Power reminds readers how, during the 1992 LA riots, Korean grocers armed themselves to protect their property and businesses. Robin in Berkeley writes how one liberal friend is waking up to this trend, and the progressive roots of this rage.

Speaking of the Bay Area, Zombie, S.F's photojournalist extraordinaire, gives a glimpse at more of the lunacy in the City by the Bay -- SlutWalk.

Marathon Pundit sees the Cult of Change is falling apart, and Bread Upon the Waters reminds us how Obama pledged in 2009 to cut the deficit in 2013!

Robert Stacy McCain is in Iowa, as the GOP selection process for 2012 heats up.

John Hawkins has a great photo of what voting for Obama in 2012 would be like.

and Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin's blog has more on the new movement by Al Sharpton "Resist We Much."

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