Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First An Earthquake, Now Here Comes (Hurricane) Irene

As if we didn't get enough excitement around here this weekend, Hurricane Irene is crawling up the East Coast, and is threatening to bring us rain, maybe some winds and all that stuff, by the weekend.

For more, visit These two charts are from their website, as of 7:20 PM this evening.

And a Category 3 storm is a powerful one, don't kid yourself.

If you're on the coast, it's best to get inland as soon as possible, especially if the roads crowd up. Get non-perishable items, flashlights, battery powered radio, things like that in case the power goes out.

Speaking from experience from growing up on "Hurricane Alley" in the Texas Gulf Coast, specifically the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. I remember us going through Hurricane Allen back in August 1980, which became a Category 5 storm more than once, but weakened to a Category 3, making final landfall on the King Ranch, but blew the fishing village of Port Mansfield off the map.

Video of Hurricane Allen from Brownsville, TX:

Photo of storm surge from Allen at Pt. Isabel, TX, near the causeway to South Padre Island. This pier / hotel was swept away.

We also had, during the time I lived there, had a near miss in September 1977 with Hurricane Anita, another Category 5, which was the only time I ever remember getting out of school due to weather when they issued the hurricane warning. Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 was a miss, but pelted us with rain and some tornadoes.

Will be keeping an eye on this one, and report any big news from the area, if it occurs.

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