Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eric Cantor Proves Why George Allen Is The "Establishment" Republican's Choice

The Republican Party "establishment" is speaking in Virginia. They want the Commonwealth to help elect more of the same people in Washington DC who gave us the debt ceiling deal.

To prove that point, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has endorsed former Virginia Governor George Allen for the GOP nod to regain the US Senate seat from Virginia that Allen lost to Jim Webb in 2006. Never mind that Allen was no where to be found when it came to weighing in on the debt ceiling crisis and how to handle the overspending by the Obama Regime.

In an e-mail, the campaign for Jamie Radtke, a candidate for the GOP primary for the 2012 Senate race, said:

Jamie Radtke opposed the budget compromise in April that delivered less than 0.4% of the $100 billion in promised spending cuts. Jamie opposed raising the debt ceiling. Jamie also opposed the Debt Deal Compromise that fell significantly short in spending cuts and created a nontransparent Super Committee. George Allen was a member of the Senate Republican Leadership along with Senator Mitch McConnell, who has also endorsed George Allen. Given Jamie’s principled stands and desire to rock the boat, it is no surprise that Washington Insiders would choose one of their own to ensure business as usual. This Senate campaign will be about spending and the debt, and George Allen voted to raise the debt ceiling four times and added over $3 trillion to the debt. We can’t afford more of the same.

The Commonwealth, and the nation, needs leaders who are willing to take principles stands, especially during this time of economic crisis and uncertainty. Which is why this blog is going to take this opportunity to officially endorse Jamie Radtke for the GOP Senate race in 2012.

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