Friday, August 26, 2011

Double Standard: ESPN Goes After Paul Azinger For Mocking Obama's Golfing, Silent On Kenny Mayne's "Almost Rammed Car With Palin Sticker" Tweet

Michelle Malkin and Dana at BigJournalism - Thanks for the links to the Kenny Mayne tweet post referenced here.

Another double standard in how the Golfer-in-Chief is protected from any criticism.

Earlier today, I noted in a post that ESPN analyst Paul Azinger mocked Richard Milhous Obama for his serial golfing.

Now, his bosses at ESPN are coming down on him, according to this from Dana Loesch at Big Government.

Yet I don't recall ESPN going after Kenny Mayne, who tweeted back in June how he "almost rammed a car with a Palin bumper sticker."

So, according to ESPN, threats of violence against Sarah Palin supporters is OK, but mocking Obama's golf is grounds for firing?

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