Thursday, August 04, 2011

D.B. Cooper Unmasked After 40 Years?

Ironically, Mrs. M.I.M and I were watching a show on the History Channel about this skyjacker. Now, almost 40 years later, his niece (if this is the guy) may be giving him up.
Marla Cooper is working on a book about her belief that her uncle is the hijacker, but that is not her main motivation for coming forward.

She said that L.D. Cooper was a Korean war veteran, but he was not a paratrooper. She thinks he lived in the northwest, had children and died in 1999. She said he remained isolated from his family.

....Cooper says that as an 8-year-old she recalled her two uncles planning something suspicious at her grandmother's house in Sisters, Oregon -- not far from where D.B. Cooper jumped from a plane with $200,000 in cash one day later.

"My two uncles, who I only saw at holiday time, were planning something very mischievous. I was watching them using some very expensive walkie-talkies that they had purchased," she said. "They left to supposedly go turkey hunting, and Thanksgiving morning I was waiting for them to return."

A day later, Northwest Orient flight 305 was hijacked, and her uncle L.D. Cooper came home claiming to have been in a car accident.

"My uncle L.D. was wearing a white t-shirt and he was bloody and bruised and a mess, and I was horrified. I began to cry. My other uncle, who was with L.D., said Marla just shut up and go get your dad," she said.

...."I heard my uncle say we did it, our money problems are over, we hijacked an airplane," she said.

It later became clear, however, that there was no money. It is believed that the hijacker lost much of the cash as he came crashing down.

And there's more pieces to the story (Seattle Times).
The deceased man the FBI is investigating in the D.B. Cooper case was a surveyor whose training might have enabled him to scout locations to parachute from the skyjacked Boeing 727.

Lynn Doyle Cooper, who has been linked to the 1971 skyjacking by his niece, worked as an engineering surveyor, according to an Oregon death certificate.

His brother, Dewy Max Cooper, who also has been implicated by the niece in the skyjacking, once worked at Boeing, his former sister-in-law, Grace Hailey, said Thursday. He also is deceased, Hailey said.

So if "D.B. Cooper's" brother worked at Boeing, he'd have inside information about the 727. Like how high to fly to safely bail out, the correct speed, etc, etc.

So if Obama's FBI finds D.B Cooper after 40 years, maybe they'll next locate Jimmy Hoffa, the Zodiac killer, Amelia Earhart and Judge Carver while dropping cases like the voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers, or investigating Operation Gunrunner/Fast and Furious.

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