Friday, August 19, 2011

"Corporate Jets For Me, Not For Thee" Obama's Travel To Ritzy Martha's Vineyard Vacation In TWO (2) Separate Jets

I'm beginning to think the only reason this POS wanted to be President was so he could live it up on our dime (White House Dossier, via Weasel Zippers).
Michelle Obama and President Obama traveled to Martha’s Vineyard just hours apart, costing taxpayers thousands in additional expenses so she could have just a bit of extra vacation time.

Mrs. Obama and her daughters arrived just before 2 pm Thursday on a U.S. government jet, according to the Martha’s Vineyard Times, which got its information from the local airport. The first lady’s office has been silent on her travel. President Obama arrived in the evening along with the family dog Bo.

The extra costs related to Mrs. Obama’s solo trip mainly include the flight on a specially designed military aircraft she took instead of Air Force One, as well as any extra staff and Secret Service that had to be enlisted to go with her. She would also have had her own motorcade from the airport to her vacation residence.

Mrs. Obama’s separate jet travel sends the wrong message on a host of issues, from global warming to the budget deficit to the economy – in which currently so many people can’t afford to take a vacation at all.

This is not the first time Michelle has gone on vacation ahead of the president on the taxpayers’ tab. Last December, she racked up what was likely more than $100,000 in expenses leaving early for their Hawaii vacation.

Last year, the Obama's vacationed in Maine and used a separate jet to fly their dog up to vacation.

Keep in mind, the Obamas are living it up on our dime. All the expensive dinners, the campaign bus, the vacations in separate jets, date night in Manhattan, Scare Force One.

Besides repealing Obamacare, how much is all this extravagant travel adding to the debt.

Yet this bastard wants to go after "corporate jet owners?"

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missiondweller said...

Reminds me of when Pelosi was Speaker and demanded the bigger jet so she could fly home to CA each weekend without having to land and refuel. I seem to recall reading she and her staff racked up a liquor bill of $110,000.