Friday, August 12, 2011

Chris "Thrill Up My Leg" Matthews Attacks Texans As Ignorant, Rick Perry As A "Wax Figure"

On MSNBC's Furrball, the Democrat Party hack Chris Matthews decided attacking Texas Governor (and soon to be GOP Presidential contender) Rick Perry wasn't enough. He had to insult the entire Lone Star State (The Blaze - reminder...this is how it's done).

Well, I see Perry's strong points, but I'm not yet that enthused about his candidacy. But attacking the State of Texas gets my fire burning, Tingles. Look Chrissy, you dumb lush! I don't need lectures on intelligence from some Damn Yankee who, when he's on TV, looks, acts and talks like he's spent most of the day in his favorite pub throwing back Guinness, in addition to talking about his boy crushes on the President of the United States.

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