Wednesday, August 31, 2011

John Boehner Finds His Pair, Refuses Obama's Request To Speak Same Night As GOP Debate (Will Speak Sept. 8th Instead)

Richard Milhous Obama, after his Martha's Vineyard vacation and Hurricane Irene photo op, now wants to give his "jobs" speech.

"My hope and expectation is that we can put country before party and get something done for the American people," Obama said.

Except that Obama sent a letter today requesting the speech be held next Wednesday, September 7, the same night NBC is hosting a Republican Presidential Debate at the Reagan Library, which was scheduled months in advance.

So much for putting country before party, huh?

John Boehner, the House Speaker, found a pair tonight and said no (USA Today).

Boehner, citing scheduling difficulties, suggested Sept. 8 instead. That is also the first night of the 2011 National Football League schedule.

STORY: Jobs plan may call for repairing schools

"It is my recommendation that your address be held on the following evening, when we can ensure there will be no parliamentary or logistical impediments that might detract from your remarks," Boehner wrote.

The extraordinary impasse prompted finger-pointing between Boehner's staff and the White House, where officials said the Republican leader did not object to the Sept. 7 date.

Not so, said Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck.

"Unfortunately we weren't even asked if that date worked for the House," Buck said, adding that his office was informed shortly before Obama sent a letter to Boehner and Reid.

NBC News and Politico, sponsors of the GOP debate, said they would not postpone the debate.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said the timing of the speech had nothing to do with the debate. Buck said the debate was not why Boehner asked Obama to postpone his address.

Carney is full of it. This address by Obama is purely political and is only another 2012 Campaign Speech given in the House Chamber. Obama knew what he was doing when he selected September 7th as the date. When even the Washington ComPost says there's no such thing as coincidences in Presidential politics, you know Carney and the Regime are blowing smoke.

Besides, we've heard this talk before. CNS News found that Obama said he would make a jobs address after his vacation....last year.

Sen. Jim DeMint tells Obama no way as well.

UPDATE: Mark Knoller of CBS says Obama has accepted the September 8th invitation.

Rep. Allen West Requests Congressional Black Caucus Condemn Racist Anti-Tea Party Remarks

The Daily Caller reports West is threatening to leave the group.

In response to recent comments made by Indiana Democratic Rep. Andre Carson and California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters that denigrate the tea party movement, Florida Republican Rep. Allen West — a member of both the Congressional Black Caucus and the Tea Party Caucus — sent a letter to CBC Chairman Emanuel Cleaver Wednesday requesting that the body condemn such remarks.

“As Chairman of the CBC, I believe it is incumbent on you to both condemn these types of hate-filled comments, and to disassociate the Congressional Black Caucus from these types of remarks. Otherwise, I will have to seriously reconsider my membership within the organization,” West wrote.

The freshman congressman declared, “It is unconscionable when a fellow CBC Member, Congressman Andre Carson, comes to South Florida and claims that some in the Tea Party would love to see black Americans ‘hanging on a tree.’ It is appalling to hear another CBC colleague, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, say ‘The Tea Party can go straight to hell.’”

West added that Carson’s comments, which caricature the tea party movement as a group of racists, are “baseless” and “desperate.” West reiterated that the movement is focused on fiscal responsibility and American Exceptionalism and wrote that the the CBC should be working to end the “balkanisation” of America.

“As a member of the CBC, I look forward to working with you to help end this practice. All of us, especially Congressman Carson, Congresswoman Waters and others who have engaged in racially-motivated rhetoric, should follow the example of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., not the example of Reverend Jeremiah Wright,” West added, concluding that he hopes to work with the CBC to bridge divides.

Carson and the CBC should also apologize for the slanderous allegation made against the Tea Party in March 2010 of racial slurs hurled at him and Rep. John Lewis.

"Uncle Omar" Obama Lived The American Dream....Illegally

From the UK Daily Mail, what the Obama Lapdog Media won't report.

Passing the time relaxing on the front porch of his Massachusetts home, Obama Onyango looked to neighbours as if he was living the American dream.

But the 67-year-old long lost uncle of President Barack Obama was last week arrested for drunk-driving and found to be living in the U.S. illegally. 

Now, MailOnline can reveal how the man the President called 'Uncle Omar' had been living in a nice house, hosted popular backyard barbecues and worked at a local liquor store.

Neighbours said that Onyango's pale yellow house in leafy Framingham, a suburb of Boston, was always bustling with people.

The illegal immigrant, who they described as 'neighbourly' and 'cordial', would spend time on his front porch, adorned with a welcome mat and flower pots, greeting neighbours.

But Onyango's illegal residence in the U.S., since what is believed to be the 1960s, was uncovered last week when he was arrested for drunk driving.

He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and held under a longstanding warrant for his deportation.
Obama had apparently been cited for selling liquor to minors as well.

Which begs the question...why was he able to obtain and keep a driver's license, get cited for selling booze to minors, yet no one knew he was here illegally?

Tea Party Members Assualted At Clair McCaskill Town Hall

This is just breaking from Cry Liberty, via Rebel Pundit (h/t Kim Hedum on Twitter).
THIS (photo of a sign asking for no videotaping) is what was taped to the front door of the room where the public meeting, hosted by a public figure, in a public building, funded bypublic tax dollars. (This was at the Oak Bend Library Branch in Kirkwood, MO) Now, at first, I had assumed it was because they did not want any evidence of the fact that not a single question was answered. (There was also a copy of this at the head table where Fahey sat) Upon looking at it a second time, I noticed it said absolutely nothing about cameras.

Enter citizen journalist. I have known this man for a while, and can attest to the fact that he is a kind and honest man who we will simply call “John”. He is also an avid Tea Partier He began snapping photos at this public meeting, and one woman got upset. He assured her that he would not publish a photo of her since she asked. He was then asked to leave. At that moment, I pointed out there is no assumption of privacy in a public forum, and the Supreme Court has upheld this on multiple occasions.

After that, I excused myself briefly to take a call, and returned back to the meeting for the last 5 minutes of meeting time. Not wanting to distract, I chose to stand along the wall rather than walking back to my seat. Standing next to the John, who at this point had been accused of not being “real media” because he doesn’t write for the PD, I watched him snap a shot of another man airing a grievance, who at that point turned to the John and shouted “You do not have permission to publish that picture!”

What happened next happened so fast, I hardly had time to react. I man jumped from his seat and got in between John and myself and began pushing him out of the room as he kept yelling “Get the hell out!” I told this man to get his hands off of John, to which he responded “He’s pushing me!”

Another, larger man, joined in, opened the door and was trying to pull John out. This man also pulled out his cellphone and started shoving it in John’s face. John was now being assaulted by two men.

At this point a third man entered the scene and tried to break up the situation, but the weight of four men pushing against my small frame was pinning me against the wall. I had nowhere to go.

Finally, the second man went for John’s camera and in a final push, knocked John into me and I was then slammed into the wall, hitting my head and shoulder, and somehow had two men standing on my legs.

Senator McCaskill’s staffers immediately shut down the meeting. John managed to snap a few more pictures of his assailants as they fled the meeting.

The police were called and reports have been filed. McCaskill’s office has been instructed to turn over the sign-in list of all attendees at the end of the day and John is sharing photographs with the police so they can identify the assailants.

Honestly, they’re better off turning themselves in, but I won’t hold my breath that THUGS would ever actually do that.

That’s the difference between progressive thugs and true Tea Party Patriots, I can go all day in a meaningful exchange using my wit and words. . .yet, when a progressive doesn’t get their way, they turn to violence. I personally, feel it is never okay to touch or hurt another person. . .EVER! They don’t.

What was all that screaming about “peace” and a “new tone”? Oh, I forgot, that street only goes one way.

Good news is, I’m okay, and so is John. But this chicka has had enough excitement for one day. I’m in no way intimidated, I’m just ready for a cocktail.
Would be curious if there's any other witnesses, etc, or if anyone was able to sneak a video taping.  Was there a police report filed?

Daily Kos Marcos "Screw Them" Moulitsas -- GOP Doesn't Care 3,000 Were Killed On 9/11

The founder of the liberal hate blog, which many Democrat leaders have not been ashamed to be associated with, claimed to flaming moonbat Keith Olberdouche that 9/11 is just a political opportunity for Republicans (Real Clear Politics, via Weasel Zippers).

9/11 was a “political opportunity” not a disaster for Republicans. . . “because they were able to take that and use it to stifle their domestic critics, push through a radical agenda, try to silence anybody who opposed him. It essentially won him another term in 2004 based on 9/11 because he wasn’t popular on any other matter. So, for Republicans, even today, 9/11 is the gift that keeps on giving. The fact that 3,000 people died is incidental to them. They don’t care about that. What was there was a political opportunity and he took it.”
Republicans don't care about those who died on 9/11? Let me educate this fool....

Daily Kos: 9/11 Attack Was No Big Deal.

Daily Kos: April 2006: "So Over It"

Somebody has to be the first one to say it.
I'm over it.

Yes I was somewhat personally affected (no one that close to me died, but my son's playmate was in the towers... in utero.... and got out). 9/11 is my wedding anniversary so I was out of town, and spent the day rafting, which may well have given me a different perspective.... Perhaps it's a helpful perspective, you be the judge.

This was posted on 9/11/2008 at Daily Kos.

Don't forget what Kos said after four Americans were killed by Iraqi terrorist in Fallujah in 2004.

"Every death should be on the front page. Let the people see what war is like. This isn't an Xbox game. There are real repercussions to Bush's folly. That said, I feel nothing over the death of merceneries [sic]. They aren't in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them."

"Kos" like most of his liberal Democrat buddies, will deny that Islamic terror exists, yet he writes books comparing the conservative movement to Islamic terrorists.

So who doesn't care about those who were killed on 9/11?

Jane Jamison -- R.I.P.

When wrapping everything up for the night, my eye caught the following headline from Jeff Dunetz at Yid With Lid: Rest in Peace Jane Jamison My CPAC Buddy.

Jane lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was through my friend Melanie Morgan's website that I heard of her blog, Uncoverage. It was a great place to find several good stories. She'd linked here a few times as well, and I was grateful for the hat tip.

I met Jane CPAC 2011. We had a nice but brief conversation and she was telling me about how rampant voter fraud was in the 2010 election, especially in California. What she was telling me was a lot of food for thought. I think I'd e-mailed her once or twice afterwards with a couple of links.

Her last post at Uncoverage was on August 26th, that she had a family emergency to attend to. Apparently, she died the next day, on Saturday. It doesn't sound like anyone was aware that she was ill. R.S. McCain notes, on his blog, that Dell Hill, who assisted Jane with Uncoverage, would take the reins there.

Goodbye, Godspeed and Rest in Peace Jane.

Other remembrances from Donald Douglas, The Lonely Conservative, Fleming and Hayes, and John at Right Wing News.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Liar Andre Carson and Congressional Black Caucus: Tea Party Wants Blacks "Hanging On A Tree"

With most Americans rejecting their far-Left, liberal agenda, and President Richard Milhous Obama's approval ratings at new lows, what must Democrats, especially the Congressional Black Caucus do to make up for their President and party's failure?

Play the race card....from the bottom of the deck.

Here's video of Congressional Black Caucus members playing the race card in the most vile manner against the Tea Party, starting with that proven liar named Andre Carson, who went so low as to claim the Tea Party wants to have blacks "hanging on a tree" (Breitbart TV).

Leave it to Andre Carson to gin up such a lie. If you recall, it was Carson who claimed on March 20, 2010, he and members of the Congressional Black Caucus were called the "n-word" 15 times by Tea Party members protesting the Obamacare bill.

The only problem was, the alleged slurs never happened. Thanks to technology, several people there had cell phones with video cameras or flip cameras that recorded the CBC. I took one 48 second video (originally posted twice that night, once before I'd even heard the allegation) as well as a nine-second video earlier, which is the third of five videos in this compilation below done by Breitbart TV.

It's one thing to make up a slanderous lie that someone called you a racist, it's even more despicable to claim, based on no proof, that political opponents want to lynch people based on the color of their skin. Wasn't it just earlier this year that Obama lectured the nation about the level of our discourse?  I guess Andre Carson and the CBC didn't get the "new tone" memo.

These people are intentionally trying to foment racial fear and hatred against conservatives, especially going into the 2012 Presidential campaign. With the violent union mobs, and the black on white attacks we've seen lately, I have an uneasy feeling about the months ahead. All I will say, is if major violence breaks out against conservatives in the coming year, I will point my finger and these people and cast blame their way, for stoking the flames.

Welcome To The Recovery.....Or Make That....Wreckovery

New video ad from the NRSC.

Monday, August 29, 2011

First Muslim Legislator in Maryland (Democrat) Wants GOP Women's Club To Cancel Fred Grandy Speech

Why? Because questioning radical Islam is bigotry, according to former Maryland House of Delegates member Saqib Ali, a Democrat (Chevy Chase Patch).

Fred Grandy, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Iowa and a former actor who played Gopher on "The Love Boat," is scheduled to be the featured speaker for the Chevy Chase Women's Republican Club on Sept. 24.

...The club, which is private and membership-based, often invites prominent Republicans to speak at club functions.

Still, liberals in the area are voicing concern over the club's choice of speaker.

A blog post on sounded an online alarm Friday, and Democrat Saqib Ali, a member of the Maryland House of Delegates from 2007 to 2011 representing Gaithersburg and Germantown, spoke to Chevy Chase Patch about the matter earlier this week.

"Clearly, Republicans are too embarrassed to expose it to public scrutiny," Ali wrote in an email. "Using phrases like 'Shariah-compliant' to refer to American Muslims is bigotry. Complaining that American Muslims are in government is bigotry."

Ali added: "Why are Republicans inviting bigots to address their meetings?"

Bigotry? Well, Mr. Ali, what do you have to say about how supposed "moderate" Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, telling a group in Scotland that greater integration between the US and Britain and Muslims depends on incorporating Sharia law into our nation's legal system? He just admitted to what you accused Grandy and anyone else who dares question Islam of bigotry over.

Is it bigotry if anyone dare points out the names Yonathan Melaku and Naser Jason Abdo? Melaku shot at a Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Chantilly as well as the National Marine Corps Museum. Abdo, a Muslim conscientious objector, plotted another attack near Ft. Hood and even screamed the name of the Ft. Hood jihaist Nidal Hasan at his first court appearance?

Is it bigotry is anyone points out there have been 17,678 acts of terrorism committed in the name of Islam - the Religion of Peace (TM) since September 11, 2001.

Mr. Ali, you scream bigotry, but you don't mind practicing it, not just in trying to squelch Mr. Grandy's First Amendment right to free speech, but in your own hate speech.

May I remind you? ( - August 17, 2009)

(T)his morning, not long removed from the Pelosi/Hoyer op-ed calling opponents of health care reform ‘un-American’ (which followed charges of racism, astro-turfing and a host of other insults hurled at the anti-health-care-crowd), Maryland Delegate Saqib Ali (D-Montgomery County) tweeted: “If they drop the Public Option, then the terrorists will have won.”

In 2007 Ali became the first Muslim elected to the Maryland state legislature.

Typical liberal Democrat, you want to pretend no links exist between radical Islam and terrorism and try to silence critics, but are so quick to label conservatives and Tea Party members as "terrorists" when they opposed any of the Democrat's socialist agenda.

If you want to find the bigot, Mr. Ali, head to your nearest mirror and you'll find one....who is also in denial.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

No Wonder Obama Sides With Illegal Aliens, His Uncle Is Arrested For Drunk Driving & In US Illegally

Remember right before the 2008 election, it was revealed that Richard Milhous Obama's auntie was residing in the United States illegally, for many years?

He has another family member who is in the country illegally (Metro West Daily News).

A Framingham man illegally in the country from Kenya was drunk when he nearly ran his sport utility vehicle into a police car Wednesday night on Waverly Street, police said.

After the near crash, Onyango Obama, 67, told Officer Val Krishtal that Krishtal should have yielded to his Mitsubishi SUV, according to a report filed yesterday in Framingham District Court.

Krishtal said he and another driver had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting the SUV, which rolled through a stop sign and took a quick left turn.

Obama said he doubted the officer slammed on his brakes because he did not hear the tires squeal, the report says.

Krishtal said he was on Waverly Street headed toward South Street when his police car was cut off. Krishtal pulled the SUV over around 7:10 p.m.

Obama failed several field sobriety tests and was arrested. At the police station, Obama failed a Breathalyzer test, registering .14. The state legal limit is .08.

Obama was charged with driving under the influence of liquor and driving to endanger. He was also cited for not using a turn signal.

Obama has a federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrant for his arrest. ICE has previously ordered him to be deported back to Kenya.

Obama pleaded not guilty at his arraignment yesterday. Judge Douglas Stoddart did not set any bail on the driving charges but ordered him held on the ICE warrant.

Now, if you're the journalist writing this story, wouldn't the name "Obama" on the arrest report send up red flags and you'd want to find out if there's any relation to the President?

Kerry Picket of the Washington Times linked to this story and exposed Obama's illegal alien uncle (h/t Kristinn at FreeRepublic).

A number of media outlets have already reported that an illegal immigrant from Kenya by the name of Onyango Obama, 67, was arrested last week on Wednesday after he nearly rammed his SUV into a police car in Framingham, Massachusetts.

He was later charged with DUI among other violations. I spoke to Framingham Public Information Officer Lieutenant Delaney who told me that when Onyango Obama was asked at booking if he wanted to make a telephone call to arrange for bail, the Kenyan immigrant replied: "I think I will call the White House."

I guess he knew his nephew would be willing to give him amnesty, just like he did for millions of illegals by executive order, bypassing Congress.

No wonder Obama sides with illegal aliens.

Obama Fights Vacationer-in-Chief Image With Irene Command Center Photo Op, Fails

Richard Milhous Obama saw his poll numbers sinking faster than the Titanic this week, and the fact that Americans saw him as a deadbeat President, more interested in golfing and vacationing.

So he had to do something....anything!

He and the family flew back to Washington from Martha's Vineyard early, due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Irene. Check out the glum looks on their faces (

He got himself down into the command center to look in charge, no doubt to poke former President Bush in the eye and fight off the image he has of a detached executive.

It was a flop.

Gateway Pundit found how people who commented on Yahoo news weren't impressed (screenshot below).

Donald Douglas at American Power found how the George Soro$ funded Think Progress is attacking criticism from Power Line blog about Obama's vain and narcissistic attempt to look as if he's in charge.

The Soros-backed goons single out John Hinderaker for particular scorn, attacking him pathetically as a "Koch Industries lawyer."

So, let's see what that's all about, at Power Line, "HOW TO POLITICIZE A HURRICANE":
It remains to be seen whether Irene turns out to be the Comet Kohoutek of hurricanes, but President Obama is taking no chances. He posed for a photo-op today, pretending to have something to do with the potentially-severe weather event. AFP headlined: “Obama takes charge at hurricane command center.”


I’m sure it’s a relief to everyone on the East Coast to know that Obama is personally directing hurricane response efforts. Never mind that he isn’t competent to organize a Little League baseball team; today’s charade obviously is a corollary of the Hurricane Katrina fiasco, in which America’s mass media committed group malpractice, somehow managing to blame the inevitable consequences of a severe weather event, magnified by incompetent local authorities in New Orleans, on the Bush administration. Obama is setting the stage to receive praise, rather than blame, no matter what actually happens between now and when Hurricane Irene blows itself out.
Continue at the link above.

And see Bob Williams, "Shifting Blame in the Katrina Tragedy." If the pathetic progressive trolls want to go back 6 years to drudge up a blame game, they need only look to their own party to find responsibility for the left's criminal failure to protect Gulf Coast citizens in 2005.

Can we remind the Left of how the Democrat mayor took care of evacuating New Orleans' citizens?

I guess they could only find the keys on Election Day.

Classless Union Thugs In Wisconsin Protest Outside School, Super Glue Door Locks

In response to the videos showing the union thugs protesting the Tea Party Express in Napa, CA; here's more examples of union thuggery.

Deekaman, a regular reader and commenter, sent the link to his blog of a video showing assorted union thugs in Wisconsin (along with teacher unions and others who held the Communist "raised fist" sign) protesting Governor Scott Walker's visit to Messmer High School, a "choice" school.

The thugs even super glued the locks on the doors.

The video is pretty self explanatory. You really need to see it to learn more of who we are up against.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Liveblogging: Hurricane Irene (Bump To Top With Updates)

9 a.m., Sunday August 28. - Here comes the sun....

Irene is headed up the coast.

Here at the MIM Headquarters, the rain kicked up after going to bed. I could hear the wind get stonger and bounce against the window. I did wake up at 4 a.m. and walked around the house and look out the window. We still had power, and never lost it during the night.

The rain appears to have stopped now. Some small branches and leaves are down in the neighborhood, but nothing substantial.

Looking out my back window.

Here's a time lapse video from the Washington ComPost, showing Irene coming through DC yesterday.

10:20 p.m. - I'm going to head to bed for some rest. Rain has been off and on, winds are mostly gusting instead of sustained winds. What we've had, where I'm located, is no where near what I've been through with Hurricanes Allen or Gilbert.

A quick check at Dulles shows some flights have landed, most airlines have cancelled flights, though the airport says it's still operating.

Good night for now, more tomorrow.

8:30 p.m. - Starting to get a little more rain, as some of the bands get closer to Western Fairfax County.

The eye of Irene is off the Virginia Beach / Norfolk / Hampton Roads area.

Washington Dulles airport still has some flights arriving and leaving.

6:38 p.m. - We've had morons use the glo-BULL warming excuse for Irene (obviously, no one has told these people hurricanes have existed before there were SUVs), but now ass kissing worship of The Anointed One from partisan liberal Maryland Governor, Martin O'Malley, according to Newsbusters.

Keep in mind O'Malley is such a zombie drone liberal he compared Bush budget cuts to 9/11, and recently claimed the GOP was intentionally trying to harm the economy so Obama would lose in 2012.

5:42 p.m. - David Hauptmann sent this photo on Twitter of a strong band of storms through Arlington, VA. Here in Western Fairfax County, occasional wind gusts, but no strong rain, wind yet.

1:45 p.m. - Place this under the category of Too Much Alcohol during a hurricane turns people into Dumbasses. Bathing suit clad men in Virginia Beach went past a Weather Channel reporter and camera crew, with a full frontal streak on camera (h/t Kerry Picket via Twitter). Video via JammieWearingFool (VIEWER WARNING - full nudity @ 20 seconds).

UPDATE 11:05 A.M. - Irene is headed our way, with the outer bands near the DC Metro Area.

What it looks like just a few minutes ago in my neighborhood in Northern Virginia.

UPDATE 10:12 a.m. - First rain / winds should be in the DC area after 11 a.m., and in afternoon.

Storm surge from North Carolina, via brianstelter on Twitter.

UPDATE: 8:20 A.M. - Looks like the first landfall was made in North Carolina.

This is what the weather radar, via looks like as of 6:45 this morning here on the East Coast.

The storm is currently a Category 1 hurricane, but still has powerful winds that can cause damage.

Up here in the Northern Virginia / Washington DC Metro area, we're under a tropical storm warning and a flash flood watch.

I'll post updates when I can, until this is over or if the power goes out (always a possibility).

Surprise! Gibson Guitars' Competition Uses Same Wood But Not Targeted By Obama/Holder InJustice Department

The reason? Doug Ross links to this interesting tidbit from Landmark Report.

One of Gibson’s leading competitors is C.F. Martin & Company. The C.E.O., Chris Martin IV, is a long-time Democratic supporter, with $35,400 in contributions to Democratic candidates and the DNC over the past couple of election cycles. According to C.F. Martin’s catalog, several of their guitars contain “East Indian Rosewood.” In case you were wondering, that is the exact same wood in at least ten of Gibson’s guitars.

Gibson's CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, as we linked to last night, has donated to a couple of Republicans, as well as a group who has donated to Republicans.  Gibson is also non-union.

I understand that GOP Senator Orrin Hatch also sits on the Gibson Foundation Board of Directors as well.

So not only are the liberals in the Obama Regime targeting your guns, they may be after your Gibson Guitars as well.

To which I say to Obama and Holder.....

Tea Party Express Kicks Off Tour; Lib Counter Protesters Yell Threats, Scream Over National Anthem (UPDATED With Video)

In the middle of preparing and seeing what Hurricane Irene will throw our way in the DC Metro area, I was reminded by Marathon Pundit that the Tea Party Express tour is kicking off today in beautiful Napa, CA.

Tabitha Hale from FreedomWorks is there for the kick off. I saw earlier she had posted the following on Twitter of the, shall we say, lack of class, of the liberal counter protesters in attendance.

Sharon Angle wrote, via Facebook:

30 paid protesters, one in a rat suit, yelled through the National Anthem.They took a lunch break and returned to heckle at end. They were tolerated by nearly 1000 good-natured tea partiers. See you in Sparks at the Victorian Square Amphitheater at 5.

So, which union paid members to protest?  Yelling through a bullhorn over the National Anthem and verbal threats. I guess the libs didn't get the #newtone memo from The White House.

UPDATE: Here's some video I found on YouTube. At about 20 seconds, you hear one of the union thugs yell "go back to England f**ker!"

Video below translated "Tax the middle class."

Here's Tony Katz talking to one of the paid-for union mob, where at about 1 :20 another union goon says "Pat Boone's going to die get on the bus!".

Tabitha Hale has posted her report at FreedomWorks blog, along with a photo of the inflatable rat the union goons brought to their protest.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Double Standard: ESPN Goes After Paul Azinger For Mocking Obama's Golfing, Silent On Kenny Mayne's "Almost Rammed Car With Palin Sticker" Tweet

Michelle Malkin and Dana at BigJournalism - Thanks for the links to the Kenny Mayne tweet post referenced here.

Another double standard in how the Golfer-in-Chief is protected from any criticism.

Earlier today, I noted in a post that ESPN analyst Paul Azinger mocked Richard Milhous Obama for his serial golfing.

Now, his bosses at ESPN are coming down on him, according to this from Dana Loesch at Big Government.

Yet I don't recall ESPN going after Kenny Mayne, who tweeted back in June how he "almost rammed a car with a Palin bumper sticker."

So, according to ESPN, threats of violence against Sarah Palin supporters is OK, but mocking Obama's golf is grounds for firing?

Outrageous! Obama's InJustice Department Goes After Gibson Guitars, Raids Four Factories (Gibson Uses Non-Union Workers, CEO Donated To GOP)

If you're a musician or a guitarist, you know that one of the most well known and well respected brands of musical instruments is Gibson Guitars, an American company.

The Gibson Les Paul is one of the most well known and recognized guitar by not just musicians, but music fans (a replica of one of the most famous Pauls below).

Gibson also manufactures hollowbody guitars and semi-hollowbodies like the ES-335 (one below is similar to one I own), as well as acoustic guitars.

Now, this American icon has been targeted by Richard Milhous Obama and Eric Holder's InJustice Department.

The ObamaFail Blog (linked from Michelle Malkin) has the background:

The core issue is Gibson's purchase of wood for use in guitar fingerboards. The wood is not raw, nor is it finished. (Gibson CEO Henry) Juszkiewicz explains that the wood is purchased from Madagascar when it is "two-thirds of the way" finished. Once purchased, the wood is brought to America, where it is finished by American workers.

According to the Obama administration, purchasing unfinished wood is a violation of Madagascarian law:

"So the government's contention is that because American workers are working on that and finishing it, that it is not a finished product and, therefore, initially Madagascar law - and now I guess they're contending Indian law - says you can't remove unfinished product from the market. So in other words, if a person in Madagascar had completed the work on that blank, it would be legal. But the fact that American workers are finishing the work in the United States, makes it illegal, as far as their concerned."

"The government's position is, that is the law of the land in Madagascar and they are saying that is the law of the land in India. That is not the case. The fact is, we have affidavits from numerous government officials - and this court case, specifically now, is forMadagascar wood. We have affidavits from virtually every govt official saying that it is legal, that their definition of what is legal is a fingerboard blank and its been exported within every certification that is necessary. So they have the arrogance to interpret Madagascar law differently than the people of Madagascar."

So this breaks down to three issues:
  • The Obama DOJ is enforcing Gibson to comply with what they believe to be Madagascarian law 
  • The Obama DOJ is actually wrong about the law in Madagascar and Gibson has affidavits to prove it. 
  • The Obama DOJ would seemingly prefer to have Gibson finish its products overseas by non-American workers

Juszkiewicz was also interviewed today by Dana Loesch:

He also gave a press conference in front of the Gibson factory (video found at Gateway Pundit).

A commenter on GP noted that Juszkiewicz, according to this article, donated to to Republicans Lamar Alexander and Marsha Blackburn. Gibson also uses non-union labor. According to Guitar Wiki:
Between 1974 and 1984, in a move that is still controversial to this day, production of Gibson guitars was shifted from Kalamazoo to Nashville, Tennessee in an effort to reduce the costs associated with high-wage, unionized workers in the Industrialized North. Norlin continued to struggle with cost and quality issues. In early 1986 the Gibson Guitar Corp. was bought by Henry E. Juszkiewicz, David H. Berryman and Gary A. Zebrowski. The survival and success of Gibson today is largely attributed to this change in ownership.

Gibson's turnaround was also noted in this USA Today article.

Which begs the question: Are Obama and Holder abusing their power in order to not only punish a Republican donor, but also a successful, well known American company for using non-union labor?

If you're a musician who owns a Gibson or even their lower line Epiphone guitars, go out and play them to show your support for the company.

Obama Speaks On Hurricane Irene (From A Martha's Vineyard Golf Course?)

Richard Millhous Obama gave a brief statement about Hurricane Irene, from his vacation getaway in Martha's Vineyard.

The address was audio only.

What's up, was he doing an audio feed from the eighth hole?

You know it's bad when even ESPN is mocking the Golfer in Chief for spending too much time on the links.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Radtke Campaign Asks For Apology & Retraction, Erick Erickson Goes "Icarus" In Response

Today, Jamie Radtke's campaign wrote the following about the smears from Erick Erickson and

Yesterday, on the front page of, Erick Erickson lashed out and wrote a blog smearing Jamie Radtke with completely false attacks by publishing libelous pejoratives in hopes of damaging her reputation.

Erickson wrote his column in response to a report on another blog that he had told Radtke, “My bosses are HUGE [George] Allen friends, not just fans. They are socially connected. So I’m having to tread carefully in this.”

Erickson, after confirming that he had made the statement, wrote a vicious blog that defamed Jamie’s character.

“Erick’s blog goes beyond the pale,” Radtke stated. “He crossed the line by publishing complete falsehoods. Now, it is his responsibility to admit he did wrong, set the record straight and apologize – and that is what I am asking Erick to do.

“This kind of scurrilous behavior and treatment has been repeatedly carried out on tea party leaders and conservative candidates who dare challenge the good ‘ole boy Washington Establishment. This attempt by the Washington Establishment to destroy the tea party and their candidates must stop. Enough is enough.

“What is most important is that we focus our attention on beating a President and his liberal Democrat friends who want to fundamentally change America. I encourage the tea party to stay determined and committed to fight back against the negative narrative on us and let’s defeat Obama and his liberal cohorts.”

Here's a copy of the letter from the Radtke campaign.

Dan Riehl also adds this timeline, since Erickson has dragged him into it and is unfarily attacking Riehl, claiming (with no evidence, just "guesswork") he was the source of the Politico article. R.S. McCain also follows up from yesterday, and Tammy Bruce had Radtke on her radio show today, with the podcast attached here.

In response, Erickson seems to have gone full bore "Icarus" (as in Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs shame). Instead of retracting his comments, he gives a half-assed "apology" and then wants to say it is all a "distraction." Well, that's one you created, Erick, when you wanted to accuse her (without proof) of being drunk during her speech.

If you, or anyone else, thought she gave a bad speech, or criticize her ideas, that's your right. Calling her a drunken idiot without proof crosses the line.

What is even more bothersome is to witness what is now becoming a sport among the "good 'ole boy" country club GOP establishment--the mean-spirited character assassination and other attacks on Tea Party candidates. I must also note that most of these attacks are on candidates who are women.

Just last night, Karl Rove was attacking Sarah Palin for being "thin-skinned." This is the same guy who (saw what you will about her candidacy) decided to lead the charge against Christine O'Donnell last year. It seems to me the attitude of the "good 'ole boys" like Rove, Erickson, et al, is that Tea Party women like Palin, Radtke, O'Donnell, etc, are only good enough to be in the kitchen, cook dinner, clean the plates and bring the establishment boys their beer while the boys talk politics.

Someone needs to tell these guys, it's the liberals who they need to go after, not do the liberal's work for them by attacking fellow conservatives.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GOP Establishment's Low Blow To Jamie Radtke

The Republican Senate primary in Virginia has taken a turn down to the gutter today.

Politico, via The Other McCain:

Ben Smith at Politico today reports that Erick Erickson of Red State backed off his early endorsement of Jamie Radtke — a Tea Party-backed candidate in the Republican primary for next year’s Senate race in Virginia — because of what Erickson called “the long term relationship” between former Sen. George Allen and Red State’s corporate owner, Eagle Publishing.

It gets worse. Radtke was attacked over her speech at the RedState Gathering on August 12, which she was alleged to have been "a drunk rambling idiot that took 30 minutes to introduce a director who himself was confused," with those making the assertion said they "mercifully" did not film her introduction of "The Undefeated" director Steven Bannon.

In a follow-up article, Dan Riehl of Riehl World View is being attacked and blamed for the Politico piece, yet no proof was offered that Riehl was behind the piece, just "guesswork."

So what's the truth about Jamie Radtke? I can't find a video, but did find this blog post from someone who was at RedState Gathering.

Here are some highlights:

*Jamie Radtke, a savvy Tea Party activist from Virginia, is going to challenge for the US Senate seat being vacated in a surprise move by Democrat Jim Webb. Radtke’s 20-page handout looks like a sure-fire recipe for success and shows an extraordinary level of organization for her candidacy among Virginia conservatives. Her site is Radtke resides in the Richmond area. With the shift of Virginia to the right under governor Bob McDonnell (the new chairman of the National Governors’ Association) and attorney general Ken Cuccinelli, Radtke looks like a winner.

Now, if she was drunk, as alleged, don't you think there would be not just video, but people all over the internet commenting about her speech being a "trainwreck?" I can't find anything to back up the allegation, except on the RedState post mentioned earlier.

Let me state up front I have nothing against RedState, or Erick Erickson, or even George Allen (Hell, I defended him against the media smear campaign when I was in California). If they want to make a case that George Allen would be a better Senate candidate, make that case. However, to label your opponent as an incoherent drunk with no proof is a low blow and reeks of desperate tactics by the "good ole boy" GOP establishment to get rid of any outsiders and Tea Party challengers, like what we saw in 2010 from the likes of Karl Rove, etc.

It certainly is a violation of what Ronald Reagan called "The 11th Commandment."  Plus, we should be more concerned about defeating Tim Kaine, one of the worst governors in recent history who would be nothing but an Obama rubber stamp, should he be re-elected.

"Father Of The Year" Alec Baldwin Is Now 9/11 Troofer

The moron who would be New York's next mayr implies the military was behind 9/11 (Daily Caller, via Ace of Spades:
Alec Baldwin was asked which lie he keeps telling himself is true. He replied, “Do you think Bin Laden was behind 9/11?” Then he brought up a U.S. counterterrorism training exercise that took place a few months before 9/11, which was centered around a hypothetical cruise missile attack by the #1 terrorist in the world.

Now, before you jump to conclusions, please keep in mind that Alec Baldwin is just asking questions. Rather than make any accusations, I have a few questions of my own:
1.Is Alec Baldwin a Truther?

2.Is Alec Baldwin researching a film, television, or dinner theater role in which he portrays a Truther?

3.Did Alec Baldwin have a few too many last night?

4.Should the people who depend financially on Alec Baldwin try to convince him to delete the Twitter app from his phone?

5.Is Alec Baldwin still planning to run for mayor of New York?

Just asking questions.

By the way: Alec Baldwin to host 9/11 forum at the Public Theater, 9/8. Oh, goodie.

Dhimmi New York Mayor Bloomberg Forbids Clergy From 9/11 Anniversary Memorial

But he's still in favor of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque (from Uncoverage).

Say what you will about a lot of Rudy Giuliani's social policies (too liberal), this is one thing he would not have done.

Obama: Adding $4 Trillion To the Debt Is Unpatriotic

From a 2008 campaign stop, via PJ Tattler:

Then if the shoe fits, wear it.

President Obama is Unpatriotic!

And if Jeb Bush doesn't like me or anyone else saying that, well, he can kiss my backside!

First An Earthquake, Now Here Comes (Hurricane) Irene

As if we didn't get enough excitement around here this weekend, Hurricane Irene is crawling up the East Coast, and is threatening to bring us rain, maybe some winds and all that stuff, by the weekend.

For more, visit These two charts are from their website, as of 7:20 PM this evening.

And a Category 3 storm is a powerful one, don't kid yourself.

If you're on the coast, it's best to get inland as soon as possible, especially if the roads crowd up. Get non-perishable items, flashlights, battery powered radio, things like that in case the power goes out.

Speaking from experience from growing up on "Hurricane Alley" in the Texas Gulf Coast, specifically the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. I remember us going through Hurricane Allen back in August 1980, which became a Category 5 storm more than once, but weakened to a Category 3, making final landfall on the King Ranch, but blew the fishing village of Port Mansfield off the map.

Video of Hurricane Allen from Brownsville, TX:

Photo of storm surge from Allen at Pt. Isabel, TX, near the causeway to South Padre Island. This pier / hotel was swept away.

We also had, during the time I lived there, had a near miss in September 1977 with Hurricane Anita, another Category 5, which was the only time I ever remember getting out of school due to weather when they issued the hurricane warning. Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 was a miss, but pelted us with rain and some tornadoes.

Will be keeping an eye on this one, and report any big news from the area, if it occurs.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Northern VA, DC Area, Northeast (UPDATES TO COME) Damage Photos, Obama Takes Calls From Golf Course

I just got home from work, after going through the earthquake here in Northern Virginia, which measured at 5.9 magnitued and is centered near Mineral, VA, which is northwest of Richmond, VA. (

Fox News.
A Magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck Virginia Tuesday afternoon, sending tremors along the East Coast of the United States.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake was 3.7 miles deep and struck near Mineral, Va., a city 83 miles from Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon and other buildings were evacuated. Pictures in the Capitol building reportedly fell from the walls. Buildings in New York City shook briefly Tuesday afternoon.

I felt it in the office building I work in. The floor shook and, at first, I thought it was someone walking by really fast. But having lived in Northern California for 11 years, I knew it was an earthquake, and tried to tell some of my co-workers to stay away from windows.

Our building was evacuated and management told us to go home. They would not let us enter the building and doing so would be at our own risk.

I'm hearing on Fox also that two nuclear reactors were taken off line. There may be damage to the Washington Monument as well. I didn't see any damage on the drive home.

There was a small earthquake nearly a year and a half ago, early in the morning, centered in Maryland.

More updates to come.

Damage at Vienna Metro Station (h/t Gabriel Maylor, via Twitter).

Other damage, from photos posted at Hot 99.5.

US Capitol police say the Capitol building has been inspected and is safe for re-entry.

Don't worry, Richard Milhous Obama was being kept up to date on the quake while busy at the golf course, (where else?) (h/t Weasel Zippers).

Joke of the day, via NRO.

BREAKING NEWS; The current administration has declared that the DC Earthquake occurred on the fault line known as......."BUSH'S FAULT"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Look Out! Porkulus II On The Way

When he comes back from Martha's Vineyard, Richard Milhous Obama will propose (guess what???) more stimulus spending to get the economy moving again (The Examiner).

President Obama will deliver yet another "major speech" after he returns from his Martha's Vineyard vacation. Among other things, he promises the speech will contain details of a new "stimulus plan" for getting America's stagflating economy back on the right track. According to the Washington Post, "Obama also plans to announce a major push for new deficit reduction, urging the special congressional committee formed in the debt ceiling deal this month to identify even more savings than the $1.5 trillion it has been tasked with finding. In packaging the two, he will make the case that short-term spending can lead to long-term savings."

So, get ready for Porkulus II...The Next Fail (poster below by Warner Todd Huston).

Yes, all your favorites are back. There’s Slow Joe Biden grinning like the useless jackal he is, Harry “This War is Lost” Reid, Timmy “Tax Cheat” Geithner, Hilary Clinton, Reverend Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, Jeffery “What Jobs?” Immelt, Austan “Sell Out” Goolsbee, Ben “Fed Head” Bernanke, and a host of other halfwits and clowns all meant to tickle your funny bone and rob you blind.

Remember the days when you had to actually pay to see a movie? Well, not this time! THIS movie is FREE we are told. Why, just show up and we’ll let you in gratis. But if you don’t want to see the movie, well at a later date there is a fine, some jail time, and the kind of harassment that even Muamar Gaddhafi would be ashamed of employing.

This is a production of Obama/Alinsky/Marx Productions and Wastrel Belief, Inc. Present Barack Hussein Obama’s PORKULUS II: THE NEXT FAIL executive producers the Democrat Party. Written by Karl Marx and John Maynard Kenyes. Produced by Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party. Available in paperback by Saul Alinsky. A 20th Century Marx film. This movie is rated “F” for abject Failure.

Doug at Stixblog also adds this:

Zombie: How To Solve The Debate Over Taxes

Zombie, San Francisco Bay Area photojournalist extraordinaire, has come up with a novel idea on how wealthy liberals like Warren Buffet and anyone else who doesn't feel like they're pay enough taxes can pay all the tax they want....and even where they want their tax dollars to go toward.

Voluntary Tax Rates and Personalized Earmarks: How to Solve the Debate over Taxes

DNC Loves RINO Jon Huntsman....How Come Liberals Are Never Told To "Moderate" Or Stop Being "Too Left Wing"?

Proving how much of an Obama Trojan Horse he is, GOP Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman (RINO-Utah) received praise from the Democrat National Committee for saying the rest of the GOP 2012 field was "too far to the right" (Politico).

Huntsman Said The Rest Of The GOP Field Had “Zero Substance” And Were “Too Far To The Right.” Huntsman on ABC’s This Week: “We have people on the Republican side too far to the right. We have zero substance. We have no good ideas that are being circulated or talking about that allow the country to get back on its feet economically so we begin creating jobs.” [ABC News – This Week, 8/21/11]

Huntsman Said He Would Not Trust His Opponents With The Economy Because They Would Have Allowed The Country To Default. When asked by Jake Tapper, “Would you trust a President Bachmann to do the right thing with the economy?” Huntsman replied, “I wouldn't necessarily trust any of my opponents who are on the recent debate stage with me when every single one of them would have allowed this country to default.” [ABC News – This Week, 8/21/11]

Huntsman Said The Republican Party Has “A Serious Problem” In Becoming “The Anti-Science Party.” On ABC’s This Week, Huntsman said: “I think there's a serious problem. The minute the Republican Party becomes the party, the anti-science party, we have a huge problem. We lose a whole lot of people, who would otherwise allow us to win the election in 2012 when we take a position that isn't willing to embrace evolution, we take a position that basically runs counter to what 100 to 900 climate scientists have said with what the national academy of science has said. What is causing climate change and man's contribution to it. We find ourselves on the wrong side of science and therefore in a losing position.” [ABC News - This Week, 8/21/11]

Huntsman Said “We’d Be Here All Afternoon” To Talk About Romney’s Flip-Flops. On ABC’s This Week, Huntsman said, “If we talk about inconsistencies and change on various issues, we'd be here all afternoon.” [ABC News - This Week, 8/21/11]

Well, Gov. Huntsman, if it was true that centrism was the way for Republican victory, John McLame should be sitting in the Oval Office right now.  Which begs the question, why are liberals never told to "moderate" or advised that they're "too far to the Left?"  That criticism is always saved for conservatives.

Jon Huntsman's unofficial campaign theme song

Robert Stacy McCain calls Huntsman "Gov. Asterisk," because his support is so low in the polls it can barely be tracked.

Liberals Attempt At Censorship--Contacting Conservative Blogger's Employer With Libelous Allegations

My friend and fellow blogger Donald Douglas at American Power writes about a despicable situation he is facing--libelous allegations from a Leftist blogger that are being passed on to not just his employer, but also the attorney general of California.
I previewed my thoughts on this the other day. See: "The Claims of Grievance-Bearing Identity Groups Will Always Prevail Over Fairness." As noted, Carl Salonen's entire hate program is predicated on malice and lies. As I will show later, he made allegations not to correct any perceived injustices, but to destroy a political enemy. His attacks went from what most of us online know as "flame wars" to something else entirely: A specific campaign to harm me personally, by slandering my reputation and by possibly bringing about the termination of my employment. And it was all based on lies. As I noted many times, progressives will sink to the lowest depths of utter depravity to silence and destroy those with whom they disagree and those they hate. Law Professor William Jacobson once wrote on the earlier campaigns of harassment against me:

We don’t all just have to get along. But there are certain lines which should not be crossed, and trying to disrupt another blogger’s employment crosses that line. Can we at least agree on that?

Progressives do not agree on that, because they live by the rule of the mob.

Read the rest here.

Liberals are always the ones who claim to champion free expression and "dissent," except (obviously) when they are the recipients of "dissent." I've known co-workers I've seen at conservative events, or counter protests against the violent Leftist "peace" organizations and pro-illegal alien groups. More often than not, they've said "don't tell so and so in the office I was here" because of the threat of workplace harassment by intolerant liberals. I've heard of other bloggers, activists who've had their employers contacted with slanderous communications of "Did you know you employ a bigot?"

Also, how many times have we heard, especially from the Left, calls for laws, etc against "bullying." Yes, we can all agree bullying is wrong, and should not be allowed to happen. But why then is it OK for you liberals to bully people who have a different political ideology by boycotting their business or trying to get them fired?

Besides, if you're going to act like a crypto-fascist and go after a blogger or activist's employer just because you don't like their political ideology, then you've just admitted to the world and everyone else you cannot intellectually challenge their arguments.

Libyan Rebels' Draft Constitution Cites Sharia (Islamic Law) As Principal Source Of Law For New Libya

So Richard Milhous Obama put down the golf clubs and ice cream cones long enough today to comment about the situation in Libya, after the "rebels" took control of Tripoli yesterday.

But have he and NATO ushered in a bigger monster?

The Heritage Foundation (via This Ain't Hell) found out this about the draft constitution for the new Libya.
As both the Morning Bell and Washington in a Flash noted today, Heritage Fellow Jim Phillips recently pointed out that Islamist forces “appear to make up a small but not insignificant part of the opposition coalition,” and must be prevented “from hijacking Libya’s future.” Parts of the draft Constitution allay those fears, while others exacerbate them.

....But despite the Lockean tenor of much of the constitution, the inescapable clause lies right in Part 1, Article 1: “Islam is the Religion of the State, and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).” Under this constitution, in other words, Islam is law. That makes other phrases such as “there shall be no crime or penalty except by virtue of the law” and “Judges shall be independent, subject to no other authority but law and conscience” a bit more ominous.

We see how well the whole Arab Spring is working out for Egypt, with anti-Semitic signs held outside the Israeli Embassy. What's next? Libya as al-Queda's new terror base?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gadhafi Regime Near The End? Rebels Enter Tripoli, Gadhafi Son Captured

The "rebels" in Libya are apparently close to toppling the Gadhafi regime (Yahoo News).

The trappings of Moammar Gadhafi's regime crumbled Sunday as hundreds of euphoric Libyan rebels overran a major military base defending the capital, carted away truckloads of weapons and raced to the outskirts of Tripoli with virtually no resistance.

The rebels' surprising and speedy leap forward, after six months of largely deadlocked civil war, was packed into just a few dramatic hours. By nightfall, they had advanced more than 20 miles to the edge of Gadhafi's last major bastion of support.

Along the way, they freed several hundred prisoners from a regime lockup. The fighters and the prisoners — many looking weak and dazed and showing scars and bruises from beatings — embraced and wept with joy.

Thousands of jubilant civilians rushed out of their homes to cheer the long convoys of pickup trucks packed with rebel fighters shooting in the air. Some were hoarse, shouting: "We are coming for you, frizz-head," a mocking nickname for Gadhafi. In villages along the way that fell to the rebels one after another, mosque loudspeakers blared "Allahu Akbar," or "God is great."

No wonder they're yelling "Allah Akbar."  It has been reported that there are al-Queda links with some of the rebels.

A son of the Libyan dictator has apparently been captured as well.

A Libyan rebel leader says Moammar Gadhafi's son and one-time heir apparent Seif al-Islam has been arrested.

Sidiq al-Kibir, the rebel leadership council's representative for the capital Tripoli, confirmed the arrest to The Associated Press on Sunday but did not give any further details.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Racist-in-Chief Obama Calls For More "Diversity" In Federal Workforce

President Richard Milhous Obama has gone around Congress again, this time, issuing a dictatorial Executive order calling for more "diversity" in the Federal workforce.

From the Washington Times.
The White House issued an executive order on Thursday titled “Establishing a Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce.” The purpose of the order is “to promote the federal workplace as a model of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion.” In other words, it would be better for the government if public-spirited white workers sought employment elsewhere. Lost amid all the politically correct box-checking is the principle that the most qualified person should be hired for a job.

President Obama’s new order instructs federal agencies to design new strategies for hiring, promoting and keeping workers of “diverse” backgrounds. The diversity the government is seeking is not diversity of ideas, outlooks or work experiences. In contemporary political parlance, “diversity” refers primarily to the color of one’s skin and not the content of one’s character. The executive order says the federal government “must create a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility and fairness to enable individuals to participate to their full potential.” In the name of “fairness,” however, the government will intensify programs that discriminate against white Americans by extending special privileges to everyone else. The order also says that “attaining a diverse, qualified workforce is one of the cornerstones of the merit-based civil service,” though merit and ability are not the metrics of choice when measuring success in diversity-driven career programs.

....During the 2008 presidential campaign and in the initial months of the Obama presidency, there was great enthusiasm for the concept of post-racial America. Mr. Obama’s historic election was viewed as a watershed for the issue of race relations. People thought that finally a national dialogue could be commenced on the issue free of guilt and recriminations. This promise stumbled with the July 2009 Rose Garden “beer summit” between Mr. Obama, black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., and white Cambridge, Mass., police Sgt. James Crowley, who had arrested Mr. Gates for disorderly conduct. At the time, Mr. Obama called it a “teachable moment,” but that White House photo-op was the last anyone heard about the national dialogue on race. Mr. Obama has squandered his chance to lead America away from the divisive racial politics of the past. This executive order tells America that in the Obama administration, race-based preferences are still business as usual.

For as good as this editorial was, the Times forgot how divisive race was with the Obama Regime when fellow racist, Attorney General Eric Holder, the same idiot who complained Americans were "a nation of cowards" when it came to race, dropped charges against "New Black Panthers" for voter intimidation because he was concerned about how the focus on the case demeaned his people.

How could anyone also have expected Obama to be a racial uniter when he filled the pews of a racist, Afro-centric "church" in Chicago. Listen also to Obama last year mention who was essential to help in the 2010 election for Democrats. Not once does he mention whites.

I've also heard some stories about the federal workforce from friends. The people who Obama says are underrepresented in federal payrolls usually take long lunches and are hostile to "non-minority" staff.

Let's be honest, this is Obama's big "jobs" package. Give criminal illegal aliens work permits instead of deportation and hire federal employees on the basis of race. Because he heard Maxine Waters the other day and he needs their votes again in 2012.