Monday, July 18, 2011

Vote On Cut, Cap & Balance Scheduled For Tomorrow: What You Can Do....(UPDATE: Obama Regime Threatens Veto)

A vote is scheduled tomorrow on the Republican's Cut, Cap, and Balance plan in regards to the debt ceiling.

For more information, view this video from FreedomWorks' Budget expert and Legislative Counsel Dean Clancy and VP of Public Policy Max Pappas (thanks to Tabitha Hale at FreedomWorks for passing this along).

Tell your Representatives and Senators "Yes" to Cut, Cap and Balance; "No" to the McConnell Plan, which is referred to as Cut, Run, and Hide.

FreedomWorks' Chairman Dick Armey (and a former Texas Congressman) also discusses Mitch McConnell's Premature Retreat.

UPDATE: The Obama Regime is threatening a veto of Cut, Cap and Balance, says Ed Morrissey at HotAir.  So Obama is stating he's in favor of Tax, Spend, and Demagogue.

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