Saturday, July 16, 2011

Union Auto Workers At Government Bailed Out Chrysler Caught Getting High On The Job Again

This was revealed late last year, now it's happening again (MyFoxDetroit).
The Fox TV station in Detroit has again caught on video Chrysler union workers smoking dope and drinking before work and on their lunch break.

This time it was not in a public park, but in the parking lot of their nearby United Auto Workers union hall, before they headed back to finish their shift at Chrysler Group's Trenton engine plant that builds the new Fiat 4-cylinder for world use.

FOX 2 reporter Rob Wolchek says he got calls from two workers in the plant who told him that working with people who have been getting high is dangerous.

This is the same Fox reporter who last fall caught workers at Chrysler's Jefferson North Plant in Detroit spending their lunch hour drinking beer before going back to build the newly launched Jeep Grand Cherokee. The video was a severe embarrassment for Chrysler, which took action against the workers, and for the union.

Your tax dollars at work, bailing out unions who are friends and financial supporters of Democrats.

Since Democrats are the biggest recipients and defenders of labor unions, perhaps this song should be fitting for them both.

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