Sunday, July 03, 2011

Snob Obama: Ending Tax Breaks Is A Spending Cut

The lawless Snob-in-Chief speaks yesterday (video at American Power).

In a way, he is right. If tax breaks are taken away, that is a spending cut--A cut in spending to save a job or even add a few new ones, money families won't have to pay for food, or take a nice vacation.

Socialist Security recipients have lived three years cutting spending, because the Regime who has demagogued efforts to save Socialist Security and Medicare, have cut benefits for recipients by not giving a cost of living increase to seniors who need the money.

So when this Regime talks about no "sacred cows" being unmilked for budget cuts, he only means tax cuts for working Americans and business, as well as the military. Obama would love nothing more than to see our men and women in uniform on food stamps, as in the Carter years.

Also linked at American Power: "Top 10 Obama Attacks on Capitalism," from Human Events.

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