Friday, July 01, 2011

Slacker-In-Chief Obama Met By Protesters In Philadelphia

One day after lecturing Congress to "get back to work," Richard Milhous Obama, rejected an offer to meet with US Senate Republicans on cutting spending and went off to raise money.

The dick was met by protesters (Fox Philly, via Real Clear Politics).
Protestors lined the sidewalk in front of the hotel President Obama was fundraising out holding signs with such slogans as "One and done," ''Stop spending" and "Balance the budget."

There seems to be two groups of demonstrators with two different agendas in the one bunched-up area. The larger group (seen in the beginning) were protesting Obama's policies, while the other group shouted slogans like "Stop deportation now!"

If you want an idea of how disconnected Obama is from reality, check out this video of The Obama Press Conference Unplugged by Janice, Granny Jan & Jihad Kitty (h/t: GP).

Someone should have had a sign or bullhorn saying "Put away the golf clubs!"

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An Ordinary American said...

Well done.

This should be required viewing for every registered vote in America.

In this instance, it's just the Kenyan imposter.

But how MANY MORE other elected and bureaucratic bozos do we have inside the Beltway that are just like this?

Good job. This link needs to be spread around.