Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Shameless Use Of Reagan By The Obama Regime To Justify Raising The Debt Ceiling, Taxes

President Ronald Reagan's name and legacy is being used shamelessly in the debt ceiling debate by the same liberal Democrats who used every opportunity over the last 30 years to attack him in the most uncivil manner.

Such as this e-mail from Obama's 2012 campaign hack Jim Messina:

You'd think this would be fairly straightforward. For many years, regardless of party affiliation, presidents have asked Congress to do this when it's been necessary -- and every time, Congress has acted. Just as an example, Congress granted Ronald Reagan's request to raise the debt ceiling 18 different times.

Let's look at the facts, via ARRA News Service:

•Reagan’s debt hikes were comparatively small and usually were temporary (thus the high number of changes)
•Obama in two years has already added a trillion dollars more debt than Reagan did in eight
•Total debt hike under Reagan ($1.865-T) was almost identical to under Clinton ($1.805-T)
•As a percent of GDP, all later Presidents’ hiked total debt notably higher than under Reagan

Then there's the whole issue of tax increases, which Obama is holding a gun to America's head in order to get from Congress. Again, Reagan's "compromise" with Democrats in 1982 is being used to claim that even Reagan increased taxes.

But facts are stubborn things, as Yuval Levin points out in National Review Online. Levin even points out this passage from Reagan's autobiography, An American Life.

And you can bet if any tax increases were given to Obama, the "cuts" would be reneged upon, just like they were with Reagan.

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