Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Senate Candidate Ratdke Opposes Senate's "Cut, Run & Hide" Plan; Former Senator George Allen Silent

Jamie Radtke, running in the GOP primary for Virginia's US Senate seat held by Jim Webb, issued a statement opposing the RINO Mitch McConnell "Cut, Run and Hide" plan:
Today I call on Speaker Boehner to oppose the McConnell-Pelosi-Reid “Cut, Run and Hide Plan” and refuse to bring it to the floor for a vote.

The McConnell-Reid-Pelosi “Cut, Run and Hide Plan” is a classic Washington Insider maneuver to get the Republican politicians ‘off the hook’ by giving President Obama the ‘green light’ to unconstitutionally raise the debt ceiling through the back door.

In addition to signing the “Cut, Cap and Balance” pledge, I have stated strongly and often that I oppose any increase in the debt ceiling. Our problem is that we are spending too much money, not that we can’t borrow enough money.

Now, where does George Allen stand on his friend Mitch McConnell’s “Cut, Run and Hide Plan”?

We don’t know – George Allen won’t say.

This isn’t surprising. As Allen spokeswoman Katie Wright said today, “It's always fair to look at the past as an indication of how one would govern in the future."

So let’s look at George Allen’s past:

  • When I opposed the establishment’s first ‘Budget Deal’ last March, George Allen refused to take a stand.
  • When I supported Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget, George Allen refused to take a stand.
  • Meanwhile, when George Allen was in the Senate, he voted to raise the debt ceiling four times.
  • George Allen has long been a Mitch McConnell supporter and they were both in the Senate Republican Leadership in 2004.
  • And last month, on June 20, Senator McConnell hosted a fundraiser to elect George Allen.

So now I ask George Allen: Where do you stand? Will you take a stand against the McConnell-Reid-Pelosi “Cut, Run and Hide Plan”? Or will you Cut, Run and Hide?

McConnell's plan, as well as the so-called "Gang of Six" Obama re-election rescue package, is more reason we need more citizen politicians in Washington who are inspired by the Tea Party, instead of the "poltics as usual" from the political class in both parties who are only looking at the next election instead of doing the job they were elected to do.

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