Sunday, July 10, 2011

Obama's Economic Disaster Reverses Economic Gains For Blacks

According to the vast right-wing conspiracy outlet known as the Associated Press and writer Jesse Washington (whom I've had previous experience with).
Growing up black in the segregated 1960s, Deborah Goldring slept two to a bed, got evicted from apartment after apartment, and watched her stepfather climb utility poles to turn their disconnected lights back on. Yet Goldring pulled herself out of poverty and earned a middle-class life - until the Great Recession.

First, Goldring's husband fell ill, and they drained savings to pay for nursing homes before he died. Then Goldring lost her executive assistant job in the Baltimore hospital where she had worked for 17 years. The cruelest blow was a letter from the bank, intending to foreclose on her home of almost three decades.

Millions of Americans endured similar financial calamities in the recession. But for Goldring and many others in the black community, where unemployment has risen since the end of the recession, job loss has knocked them out of the middle class and back into poverty. Some even see a historic reversal of hard-won economic gains that took black people decades to achieve.

This is sad, because Democrats and the Obama Regime have fallen to race-baiting tactics (like "quiet riots") to get elected by convince black-Americans and other "special interest" groups (gays, Latinos, women) that conservatives/Republicans don't care about them.

Compare this to the 40th President, Ronald Reagan, who was constantly maligned and slandered as a racist who only cared about rich people. (The Forerunner).
President Reagan’s economic policies stimulated the economy, creating 17 million new jobs. One-fourth of the new jobs were created in 68 consecutive months. Black unemployment was cut in half.

Not just that, CNSNews wrote that the black middle class grew by one third during the Reagan years.

Despite these facts, the liberal message to blacks is to demagogue the GOP while promising goodies.

Has anyone found Peggy Joseph to do a follow up to see how the "Hopey Changey" thing has worked out for her?

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