Monday, July 11, 2011

Obama's Debt Press Conference: Another Chance, Another Issue To Politicize For 2012

Newt Gingrich, being the inside the Beltway RINO he is, thinks we shouldn't joke about Richard Milhous Obama for having been a community organizer.

Not only should we joke about Obama as a "community organizer" it is an illustration of why we are in the mess we are today. Because instead of a leader in the White House, we have an agitator.

Over at Legal Insurrection, Prof. Jacobson pretty much summed it up.
I was right, mostly. The serious, conciliatory Obama showed up at the press conference today. The only reasonable person in the room was the theme.

I was wrong to the extent that in his opening statement and throughout Obama framed the issue as the Republicans not being serious, not living up to their word in trying to tackle the deficits, not wanting to deal with an issue that must be dealt with “if not now, when?” It was the fist covered with a velvet glove.

There also were some comments peppered throughout about Democrats not wanting to deal with entitlements. But such comments were few and far between.

Mostly it was Obama pushing the theme of “I’m reasonable” and they are not. We need to “eat our peas” and “pull off the bandaid,” he said, with plenty of class warfare, bringing up the “corporate jet owners” and oil companies again.

It also was a rewrite of history. A completely irresponsible president who just months ago proposed a budget with devastating deficits, repeatedly demanded that the deficits and debt be dealt with now, without any delay. Where has he been for two years?

Where was he? He and his party, who controlled Congress, were too busy at the time going after the brass ring they'd sought for the past 70 years--government run health care. That was after passing a massive so-called "stimulus" bill, which was really the White House's slush fund to reward their friends, which they thought would be the band-aid to fix the economy. They did not pass a budget for 2011, nor did they engage in any debt reduction. Instead, it was party on the taxpayer dime in a way that insulted drunken sailors.

In essence, Obama and his party kicked the debt can down the road. Instead of doing something about the problem, they knew they could blame the Republicans for "not compromising," and engage in the usual class warfare rhetoric.

This has been the Obama strategy since the Together We Thrive campaign rally in Tucson - politicize for 2012. This is the guy who speaks about elevating the level of discourse at that Tucson campaign rally, yet says the GOP is using the debt ceiling "as a gun against the heads" of America. Or how about Vice President Bite Me, in his usual snarky manner, saying "C'mon man, get real!" about Republican refusal to raise taxes.

We've seen it also in the Afghanistan issue, and the killing of Osama bin Laden -- each issue is crafted not for the best interest of the nation as a whole, but for Obama's re-election chance at 2012.

That's what we got today -- a kinder, gentler demagogue.

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