Monday, July 25, 2011

Obama Speaks (Again!) In A Few Minutes -- What He'll Probably Say.... (UPDATE: Blames Bush Within First 30 Seconds) Boehner: Obama Wants A Blank Check

I'm not planning to watch, but I can tell you exactly what Obama will say tonight.
"My fellow Americans.  We are near an economic crisis based on a situation that I inherited when I came into office, and that could affect our ability to borrow more money.  I have done all I can to fix this mess, which is why I've been on your TV screen every other day, instead of the golf course or jetting off to Martha's Vineyard.  Now let me be clear.  We as a nation have to live within our means.  But that does not include having our grandparents eat dog food or sleep in a cardboard box, because those Republicans want to take Medicare and Social Security away from them, so they can give more tax breaks to corporate jet owners.  I've had to make sacrifices.  I haven't taken a vacation, I'm not holding a fundraiser for the next couple of days, and I haven't played golf all month.  What those mean Republicans won't do, is raise taxes on corporate jet owners.  What must happen requires shared sacrifice among all Americans.  Maybe the top two percent cannot afford a trip to Las Vegas, or a new corporate jet.  But sacrifice must be shared by all of us, so Michelle, the kids, Bo and I can take a few jets off to Hawaii for Christmas on your dime.

Thank you, and g*d damn America! I'm Richard Milhous Obama, and I approve this message."

(The proceeding was an unpaid advertisement for Re-Elect Obama 2012).

Like everything else from now until November 2012, this is a political speech.

UPDATE: The Whiner-in-Chief blamed George W. Bush within the first 30 seconds of his speech, never mind that he's been President for the last two years and six months.

He even quotes Reagan and also adds this morsel:

‘Most outside of Washington don’t know what the debt ceiling is’

We've heard this song before....

If I was still drinking and playing a drinking game listening to this speech, I'd have died from alcohol poisioning by now.

House Speaker John Boehner gave a great response to President Thin-Skinned:

"The President wanted a blank check six months ago, and he wants a blank check today. That is just not going to happen." 

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Quite Rightly said...

It's a sad commentary on the gullibility of this nation's electorate that the "gifted oratory" of the man touted to be our "most intelligent president ever" produces nothing more than this painfully transparent and predictable series of lies.

I haven't been privy to the debt-ceiling negotiations, but, like you, I can tell you just what's going on in them. Have a peek at this post: Monty Python and the Essence of the Debt Ceiling Talks. Heh.