Sunday, July 03, 2011

Obama Lies: US Still Flying Bombing Raids Over Libya, Along With NATO

Not hearing about this in the "mainstream press" are you? (UK Mail Online).
U.S. forces are still flying hundreds of bombing raids over Libya even though the Obama administration claims that American armed forces are only playing a limited role in the conflict.

Since NATO’s Operation Unified Protector took over from the American-led Operation Odyssey Dawn on 31 March, the U.S. has flown hundreds of strike missions, according to United States Africa Command (AFRICOM).

The White House originally claimed that U.S. planes were mostly providing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and played down the number of bombing raids.

However AFRICOM spokeswoman Nicole Dalrymple said: 'U.S. aircraft continue to fly support missions, as well as strike sorties under NATO tasking.

'Since 31 March, the U.S. has flown a total of 3,475 sorties...Of those, 801 were strike sorties, 132 of which actually dropped ordnance.'

A White House report on the Libya conflict sent to Congress on 15 June says that 'American strikes are limited to the suppression of enemy air defense and occasional strikes by unmanned Predator UAVs against a specific set of targets.'

This is another act of lawlessness, as Obama has still not gained authorization under the War Powers Act. Thus, he's using American assets to fight an illegal war.

But you don't hear the shrieks of protest, as you did during the Bush Years, do you?

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