Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Loofah Boy" Bill O'Reilly Compares Tea Party To 1960's Anti-American Radicals; Filibusters Over Guest Laura Ingraham

Thanks to Tea Party Patriots for linking on their Facebook page.

Bill O'Reilly proved again tonight why I quit watching him a long time ago.

The King of Bloviation ranted this evening on Tea Party congressmen who have pledged not to support a debt ceiling increase. In doing so (and viewing the video below, courtesy of The Right Scoop), he attacked the Tea Party with a low blow, comparing them to 1960's anti-American "Yippie" radicals.

Hey, Loofah Boy, the "Yippies" never went out of style. The philosophy of those 1960s radicals is the same one who took over the Democrat Party and teach at most of the college campuses in this nation today.

What's worse is how he practically filibustered over his guest, Laura Ingraham, not allowing her to speak while he does his best Chris Matthews impersonation, even saying that Ingraham wasn't smart on the debt issue.  Laura's right, O'Reilly is echoing the talking points of liberal elites in attacking the Tea Party as "radical," and she's got more sense on this issue than you do, Bill!

And don't go on about how "conservative" Tom Coburn is. He is only sucking up to Obama because they have a close friendship. If Coburn was sticking to his conservative principles, he and the rest of his gang would not be trying to push tax increases while hoping for cuts somewhere down the road. The Democrats have pulled that trick before (ask George H.W. Bush). Coburn and the other two Republicans are Charlie Brown, and the Democrats are going to pull a Lucy and take the football away when he tries to kick.

But what can you expect from Bill O'Reilly, who is so delusional he thinks one guy sets the nation's gasoline prices.


An Ordinary American said...

I insisted that O'Reilly was a fraud from the first time I watched him on Fox News.

Friends argued with me, insisting "He's the real deal."

I bet their cholesterol is going sky-high what with all the egg on their face they're having to eat now.


Anonymous said...

I used to really enjoy watching Bill O'Reilly, but I too have come to realize that he seems to take the liberal side on a lot of issues. I was very disappointed when he interviewed President Obama. I'm a hard right conservative tea party member and proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Bill your a PINHEAD.

Mama Bear June said...

Oh, yeah. He's doing a FAVOR to the Tea Party by telling them what to do. All hail the unquestioned wisdom of the Great Bill O'Reilly. When he's wrong, he's oh so VERY wrong. And this one, he couldn't be MORE wrong. He admits drastic cuts are needed, but the debt ceiling needs to be raised NOW and then it will never need to be raised again? How many times have we heard that? Bill should go bloviate on MSNBC. He's fit in much better over there.