Sunday, July 10, 2011

Leftist Blogger Attempts To Out CIA Agent Who Helped Target Bin Laden

New Ledger, via Gateway Pundit, writes of how a Leftist blogger by the name of John Cook at Gawker attempted to out a covert CIA agent who helped in the killing of mass murdering Islamic terrorist Osama bin Laden.
In a post titled “Is This the Guy Who Killed Bin Laden?” Cook attempts to isolate the staffer, referred to in the AP’s coverage as an anonymous “John”, within press photography of then CIA-now SecDef Leon Panetta testifying about the successful raid, and from the same individual’s presence in the background of White House photos. The AP was probably told too much in that piece to give people like Cook something to dig into, but that’s another story.

Cook does not know the man’s title, the man’s name, nor does he give any indication in his piece of having made a call to the relevant offices to determine his identity (he bases his post entirely on the accusations of another blogger). He could be a scheduler or a personal staffer. Or he could be the key figure Cook speculates he is.

But whether Cook is correct or not, this once anonymous staffer at the CIA is now a target.

So what has Cook done? He's exposed a CIA agent and their family to possible threats and retaliation from al-Queda terrorists and their allies.

Notice also the hypocrisy in the selective outrage of CIA agent outings. When non-covert agent Valerie Plame was outed by Richard Armitage, it became a media scandal focused on getting the Bush White House, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby--neither of whom were involved in the outing. But that didn't stop the Democrat Media Complex and Democrat Party from pushing this lie.

According to New Ledger, even Gawker's Cook condemned the outing of Plame and "called for the heads" of Libby and Rove. But here he is outing a real covert agent.

I notice no outrage from Plame and Wilson friend and defender Larry Johnson at No Quarter about this.

How about frogmarching John Cook in handcuffs for exposing a covert agent's identity? Well, I'm waiting?


Scott McCray said...

Two different sets of rules - sad, innit?

Anonymous said...

You simply do not know what the fuck you are talking about pal.