Monday, July 04, 2011

Ken Cuccinelli - When The Fed Gov't Oversteps Its Bounds, We'll Fight Back

Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was the featured speaker at the Leadership Institute's July 4th Conservative Soiree in Centreville, VA.

He began in the video below by talking about how the principles of liberty, which this nation was founded upon, was a timeless one. He also reminded attendees that he campaigned that when the Federal Government oversteps the boundaries set forth by the Constitution, he would fight back, as states were given that right.

"Elections have consequences. They matter. It's a whole lot easier to change Congress than lobby Congressmen."

Cuccinelli spoke about two of those fights -- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or, as the attorney general calls it "Employment Prevention Agency") regulations on so-called "greenhouse gases" and Obamacare.

"Now mind you, we're exhaling CO2. So just for fun, let's irritate Lisa Jackson all together at the same time. She has said as head of the EPA, 'economic consequences aren't my job.' ....This is the one and only job stimulus program of this Administration, and it's for Red China."

Then, the attorney general spoke about the Commonwealth of Virginia's fight against Obamacare, which he has led.

"The one thing to keep in mind about this case is it's not about health-care. It's about liberty, and that's what's at stake in that case. Because if they can make you do this (buy health care), they can make you buy anything."

Cuccinelli said it is a possibility that by next July 4th, the US Supreme Court could hear and decide the constitutionality of Obamacare.

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