Sunday, July 31, 2011

John McCain, You Little Troll....You Suck!

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First, those of us who are Tea Party members, supporters are "hobbits," now, Senator John McClame (aka the worst candidate for President since Bob Dole) attacks the great Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Ave/the Morning Call-Colby Itkowitz).
Former GOP presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, who this week referred to Tea Party lawmakers as "hobbits," publicly criticized Pennsylvania's Pat Toomey Sunday during an unusual unscripted debate on the Senate floor.

McCain, who appeared to be having a great 'ol time during a back and forth with Democrat Majority Whip Sen. Dick Durbin, referred to Toomey and those who share his views as "terrible."

Durbin brought up Toomey saying, "One of the senators on the floor here from the state of Pennsylvania has come in and said defaulting on the debt is not that big a deal. It can be, quote in his words, easily managed. Does the senator from Arizona agree with that thinking?"

Here's how McCain responded:

 "As the senator may know, I came to the floor a couple of days ago and made that comment, and the senator from illinois and I are in agreement, point number one. you can prioritize -- I think the senator and every economist I know literally would agree. .... Number one: passage through the United States Senate of a balanced budget amendment to the constitution of the United States, as i said before, is not fair to the American people because, because the terrible obstructionists on this side of the aisle, the terrible people, their flawed philosophical views about the future of america is not going to allow to us get 20 additional votes from your side, assuming that you get all 47 since it requires 67 votes to pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. so i think it was not only wrong assessment.

Obstructionists? This jerkoff McCain is tougher on conservatives (Tea Party, J.D. Hayworth, Pat Toomey) than he ever was running against Richard Milhous Obama in 2008. I guess John has been hanging out too much with his daughter, Meghan "Miss Piggy" McLame.

Let's face it. The only bright thing this dim bulb ever did was to nominate Sarah Palin as his running mate. The only problem was, she should have been at the top of the ticket because she's the only one who had any fire or desire to win. McLame all but surrendered the election a month prior to it happening.

So if I'm a hobbit because I oppose more out-of-control government spending, fine. Then screw you, John McLame, you pathetic little troll! You should just end it now and become a Democrat since you act like one anyway, or just retire early and live off Cindy's beer money.

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