Saturday, July 02, 2011

Is MSNBC Being Pressured By White House To Have More Regime Friendly Guests?

Image by ExJon - from Ace of Spades, via This Ain't Hell

The White House admittedly called their favorite network, MSNBC, to complain about liberal TIME Magazine's Mark Halperin's comment on Thursday that inspired the image above.

But it appears, at least on The Morning Moe (with RINO Joe Scarborough), that they are under pressure to have more liberal guests on the show.

Look at this clip from Newbusters, found on HotAir, and what Mika Brezizinski admits:

Which begs the question. Is the White House perhaps, or allies of the President, calling MSNBC and pressuring the network to put more "Obama friendly" guests on the show?

Can you imagine if Fox News ever admitted feeling similar pressure during the Bush years?


boatsie said...

Can I just ask how after over 1 year, the comments you made about my point of view on an event in Marin County hosted by Bay Area Patriots continues to show up at the top of Google searches? Don't you think you've done enough attack work already? When does it end?

You might not agree with my politics, which the MSM really misrepresented in the article(s) they wrote, leaving out sections to make it appear as if I was against 1st amendment rights, which I'm not.

But what tactics are being used to ensure that the work I do on the causes I care about always fall way beneath this?

I really would appreciate a civil comment back.

missiondweller said...

Wow! MCNBC admits extreme bias towards democrats by a ratio od 10 to 1 but its not enough for the failing administration.

Simply shocking!

Is Jon Stewart still in denial about liberal media?