Saturday, July 23, 2011

Horror In Oslo, A Puzzling Suspect, & (Again) The Left Seeks To Demonize Christians / Conservatives, Etc

It was a horror yesterday that no one wants to see on the news.

A bombing in Oslo, outside government buildings, followed by a shooting at a youth summer camp on an island nearby.

Because of recent bomb plots, as well as outrage over the Mohammed cartoons, it was suspected that Islamic extremists were behind the attacks.

Then came the arrest of Anders Behring Breivik, a white, 32 year-old blonde man who is described as "right wing" and "Christian." Breivik, according to some accusations, had a problem with "Muliculturalism" and also Islamization. So far, the only clues about Breivik are a Twitter and Facebook account, which was created just a few days ago.

Mystifying as well is one news report saying two gunmen attacked the youth camp from two different directions.

Even though this horrific terror attack took place in Norway, the American Left is not wasting any opportunity to attack the conservative movement here in America. PunditPress, via Gateway Pundit, points to comments made at Firedoglake and DUh (Democrat Underground) where they attempt to link Breivik to Sarah Palin and

In the coming hours, as well as next few days, I think we're going to see that type of reaching for straws ratcheted up, even more than it did after the Tucson shooting. It will go further than attacking Sarah Palin and (possibly) the Tea Party. It will be used to indict anyone who dares to question Muslim radicalization and calls for securing the border.

The proof/ Some of Breivik's writings on a Danish website were listed at this one link I found at FreeRepublic. The poster wrote.
He (Brevik) quotes the web sites “Gates of Vienna”, “Jihad Watch”,,, Global Politician, If anyone on this site thinks these sites are fringe sites you are in the wrong place.

You can bet after that little nugget that Charles "Icarus" Johnson, the failed jazz guitarist / blogger, is going to escalate his personal jihad against Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller even more. That clown ("Icarus" Johnson) has spent the last almost four years trashing his former colleagues, accusing them of being linked to European neo-Nazis, in the fight against global jihad. I've spent time with both Spencer and Geller and can tell you, they are not the people that Icarus Johnson and his little cult of Lizards portray them as.

I could go on as well about the intolerance towards Christianity displayed by the Left, especially how that is brought up in terms of Tim McVeigh (he was an atheist / agnostic, for the record). That intolerance will get ramped up again, from the same folks who tell us not to judge when it appears another Islamist has committed an act of terror.

On this note, Sister Toldjah wrote:
There is no global organized Christian terrorist network anywhere remotely near close to being on par with the Al Qaedas, Hamas’, Hezbollahs, Talibans, etc of the world. There just isn’t. No matter how hard they try to justify in their tiny minds their strained, incredible moral equations between mainstream Christianity and these mainstream Islamofascistic groups, they can’t. This is something we all need to keep in mind in the coming weeks as hardcore left, in concert with the mainstream media, double down on their efforts to paint the Norway terrorist as representative of Christian beliefs worldwide – something they would never do if the suspect was connected to Islamofascism in any way, shape or form. We’d be hearing lots of tempered “Let’s not rush to judgment” and “this isn’t representative of mainstream Islam” from mainstream media networks, pundits, commentators, etc. Yet, oddly enough, when the perp is suspected of having Christian ties, the exact opposite rule applies, as I have written about before:

But those facts don't matter to the American Left, when they have an agenda or a failed leadership to defend, and they won't stop at using a horrific act of terror to foist their theories through their media allies.

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